Laurent Mariotte SEASON 2022 - 202313h07, June 03, 2023

Seasonal products and advice, Laurent Mariotte and his bon vivants are there to help you eat well and understand what we eat. This week, Laurent Mariotte is surrounded by Emmanuel Rubin, food critic at Le Figato, and Philippe Toinard of the magazine 180 degrees. All three give you their tastes of the week: what has marked their week in the culinary way.

This week's feature is devoted to creativity in the kitchen. I don't know what to cook: who has never uttered this sentence and sometimes even in front of a full fridge! At the table des bons vivants, we help you renew your recipes, improvise and dare in the kitchen with the Lyon cook and expert in daily cooking Sonia Ezgulian. In her latest cookbook "Le goût de l'imprévu", (Flammarion), she explains how her creativity works... rather overflowing. His vegetable garden, his travels, the meetings inspire him. She gives us her tips and tricks to change our culinary habits. She made a summer stew, in tribute to her mother-in-law Dani. She explains that constraints give rise to creativity. It's up to you!

The bon vivants are also interested this week in a news: a report of the Court of Auditors encouraging to reduce livestock farming to limit greenhouse gas emissions... And our breeders in all this? The debate is on!

Director Isabelle Mergault is our guest this week. She is at our table for her film: "Des mains en or", with Lambert Wilson and Josiane Balasko. She joins us to taste the dish of the day. This week, it is the chef Sadia Hessabi, caterer in Lyon under the name of Kaboulyon, who comes to make the "dish of the day". On the menu of Afghan ravioli: mantus. Sadia Hessabi participates in the positive and virtuous culinary festival: the refugee food festival. It begins on June 6 and ends on June 26 in 13 cities of France. The recipe can be found on

At the end of the episode, Laurent Mariotte passes Isabelle Mergault on the grill of the Bons vivants. The director of the film "Des mains en or", with Lambert Wilson and Josiane Balasko answers Laurent Mariotte's questions so that we know her better on the other side of the fork. What is the dish of your childhood? What's always in your fridge? What is your best meal? What is your worst meal? Who are the guests of your ideal dinner? What is your secret address? What is the word of hunger? Here are some of the questions asked by Laurent Mariotte.

Our guest:

Isabelle Mergault 

Des mains en or from June 7 at the cinema, with Lambert Wilson, Josiane Balasko, Sylvie Testud

Tastes of the week

Laurent Mariotte: Ozio pizzeria in Paris

Philippe Toinard: Daniel and Denise cork in Lyon

Emmanuel Rubin: Comer Paris-Mexico restaurant in Paris

Report of the week

Directed by Julien Amat in Paris: what is your taste of the week?

The dossier of the week

Culinary creation with Sonia Ezgulian

"The taste of the unexpected" published by Flammarion

"Feast of leftovers" 200 anti-waste recipes published by Flammarion has just been released

News of the week

The Court of Auditors advises a reduction in the cattle population in France


Philippe Toinard: The creator of biodynamics

Emmanuel Rubin: the toque

The dish of the day

The Mantou of Sadia Hessabi

The Refugee Food Festival, June 6-26 in 13 cities