On March 17, 3 years after a high school student died after being caught in an elevator at an apartment building in Minato-ku, Tokyo, a meeting was held to think about the importance of safety with the participation of the mothers of high school students as well as the families of the survivors of aircraft and automobile accidents.

In June 2006, Daisuke Ichikawa, a sophomore in high school, died when an elevator door suddenly rose in an apartment building in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

About 17 ward residents participated in the rally held on March 3, 150 years after the accident, and her mother, Masako, gave a greeting, saying, "There is no end to safety, and we would like to think together about what we should do to protect our lives and those of our families."

This time, bereaved families who lost family members in aircraft and car accidents also participated, and conveyed their accumulated efforts and wishes for safety.

Among them, Kuniko Miyashima, who lost her 1985-year-old second son in the 9 Nikko Jumbo plane crash, shared her experience of requesting support from the government to not isolate the victims and bereaved families, and urging the establishment of a facility to exhibit parts of the aircraft from the accident.

Masako said, "Despite the differences in accidents, the bereaved families also hope for safety, and I hope that they will make use of the lessons learned from the accidents that could have been prevented and the lives saved, and be aware of safety so that they will never happen again."