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Animal escapees

Photo: ÖBB / APA / dpa

Extraordinary traffic obstacles: Several runaway llamas have caused a brief standstill on an important train route in Vienna.

The animals had escaped from a circus in the morning and ran between the tracks near Meidling station, according to the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). A photo published by ÖBB shows three llamas in the track area. However, according to Austrian media reports, such as the "Standard", the exact number of escaped animals is unclear.

Incident with rarity value

The section between the main station and Meidling was closed for about 20 minutes, while employees of the circus, the ÖBB and the police caught the animals. None of the llamas were harmed.

"In Vienna, it is a rarity that train traffic has to be stopped because there are animals on the tracks," said an ÖBB spokeswoman, referring to cows that sometimes get lost on railway lines in the countryside. In May, a brown bear was hit by a train in the province of Salzburg and killed.