【Commentary】It is the critical period of "three summers" (that is, summer harvest, summer seed, and summer tube). Recently, a large-scale continuous rainfall weather disrupted the rhythm of the normal ripening and harvest of wheat in Henan Province, which highly coincided with the ripening period of wheat in southern Henan, resulting in water accumulation in wheat fields in some places, wheat lodging and mold, and grain germination and ear germination in some areas. In order to ensure that summer grain is returned to the warehouse, the province has taken many measures to rush the harvest.

Henan is the province with the largest wheat sowing area in China, accounting for a quarter of the country's annual wheat production. This year, the province sown more than 8500 million mu of wheat. Starting from May 5, the wheat ripening areas in southern Henan organized agricultural machinery to seize the harvest during the rain break.

According to data from the office of the "Three Summers" Work Headquarters of Henan Province, as of 6 o'clock on June 1, Henan Province has harvested 17.1955 million mu of wheat (accounting for about 6.22% of the province's planting area), put in 9,10 combine harvesters per day, and the daily harvest has exceeded 45 million mu, and the wheat harvest in the province has ushered in a peak.

At present, Henan rain has temporarily given way, and the sunshine has taken over. Many places race against time to open the wheat harvest and sunshine. Many local organizations rush to harvest day and night, and the wheat fields are brightly lit and the sound of machines rumbles.

【During the same period】Song Baojin, a major grain grower in Wolong District, Nanyang City, Henan Province

This year, 24,45 mu of wheat were planted, and about half of it has been harvested so far, and half of it has been harvested today and tomorrow. But the moisture (of the wheat) recovered is relatively large and needs to be dried and dried. We have three dryers, running <> hours a day, about <> tons (can dry wheat per day), and the quality of dried wheat meets the national standard.

【Commentary】In order to ensure that the wheat is returned to the warehouse. Previously, Henan officials issued a notice requiring that wheat insurance claims be settled in 2023 to reduce farmers' losses. On the same day, Henan urgently allocated 2 million yuan (RMB) for wheat drying to ensure the quality of wheat, ensure the return of grains to the warehouse, and ensure farmers' income.

In addition, in order to strengthen the current "three summers" technical guidance, Henan's 18 provincial-level expert guidance groups have all sunk to the front line at the first time to carry out technical guidance services for harvesting and seeding.

Guo Tiancai, consultant of the Wheat Expert Guidance Group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China and professor of Henan Agricultural University

In view of the special situation that after the continuous rainfall this year, the wheat (Henan) is concentrated and ripening in a large area, all localities should seize the favorable opportunity of the current good weather, race against time, base on the word "grab", and mobilize harvesting machinery in a scientific, accurate and orderly manner to seize the harvest; Second, all drying equipment should be turned on at full power, people should stop stopping, dry the harvested wheat in time, and at the same time use all available places to dry; Third, priority should be given to harvesting seeds from seed breeding fields to ensure the safety of seeds for next year; Fourth, the harvested wheat will be sorted and stored for future classified use. In addition, make full use of the current soil moisture, grasp the rush of seeds after the wheat harvest, base on making up for summer with autumn, and manage autumn cropping species well.

【Commentary】Meteorological information shows that from June 6 to 1, Henan Province was mainly cloudy, and there were scattered short-term showers in the central west and northwest, which was the golden window period for rushing to harvest. A precipitation weather course is expected in the province on June 2-6, with moderate to heavy rains in the west, south-centre. After the 3th, the province turned to sunny and hot weather, which was generally favorable for the summer harvest and summer seeds.

Reporting by Li Chaoqing, Qian Xin, Shi Junyang, and Henan

Responsible Editor: [Li Ji]