Beijing, 6 June (Zhongxin Net) -- Features: Three small wishes, the story of 2 teenagers

Author: China News Network reporter

In everyone's growth experience, there is an unforgettable "June Day". For 40 Tibetan children from Yushu, Qinghai, this June Day is destined to be a special experience.

Flew to Beijing, went to Tiananmen Square on Children's Day to watch the flag raised, went to Beijing Workers' Stadium to play a game, and celebrated the festival with children in Beijing... In the past few days, under the focus of the media, they have been refreshing the "first time in their lives" almost every day.

On May 5th, following the "Three Rivers Source • Beijing Love • Chinese Heart - Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour", these children crossed thousands of miles from Qinghai to Beijing to visit and study. The reason why they are attracted by the media is not only because they are children from the plateau, but also because they all come from the same "family" - Yushu Children's Welfare Institute.

On May 5, 30 Tibetan teenagers from the Children's Welfare Institute of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province arrived at Beijing Daxing International Airport to participate in the "Three Rivers, Beijing Love, Chinese Heart - Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour". The picture shows 40-year-old Jiu Andima. Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

The photo of her lying on the car window

On June 6, a group of photos featuring Tibetan children visiting Beijing were flooded among the friends of many media people, including 1-year-old Jiu Tamma.

On May 5, Jiu Ranma and 30 other partners arrived in Beijing by plane, not only her first time in Beijing, but also the first time she left her hometown of Yushu and flew on a plane. On the bus from the airport to the hotel, the introverted Jiu Andama has been lying on the window, looking out the window at everything new.

Gyurandoma and her companions have been living at an altitude of more than 4000,30 meters in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, the "source of the three rivers" and the "water tower of China", which is the highest average altitude and the highest proportion of ethnic minorities among the country's <> ethnic minority autonomous prefectures.

Thirteen years ago, a major earthquake that made Yushu a global Chinese place name orphaned many of Yushu's children, including some of her older siblings in the orphanage where Jiu Dama worked.

Thirteen years later, the aftermath of the disaster has blossomed, and in the description of Jiu Dama and her companions, their hometown is not only blue and watery, but also has wide roads and beautiful schools. In addition, many of the children also like Ronaldo and Messi, and will sing the latest popular songs, even if they experience setbacks, but they often show no difference from children of the same age on their often smiling faces.

"What wishes do you want to fulfill when you come to Beijing?" In a chat with reporters, Jiu Dama and his companions scramble to answer questions about Beijing landmarks and food they knew.

10-year-old Denzhou Songbao is most looking forward to climbing the Great Wall, wanting to measure how "long" the Great Wall is with his own steps, and 9-year-old Baima Sanmao is most looking forward to watching his companions' friendly football match with Beijing children.

Describing his wishes for Beijing, although Jiu Dama and his companions have different ideas and even some imagination, when it comes to the reason why they want to come to Beijing, they will give a common answer: "Beijing is the capital."

The picture shows Zhao Yun, a young player of Guoan whose birthday is the same, and Zhaba Jiangcai of Yushu, Qinghai. Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

A pair of brothers who hate each other

The tour of 40 Yushu children in Beijing, in addition to the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Bird's Nest, Water Cube and other well-known landmarks, also included a special stop - Beijing Workers Stadium.

Because many of the 40 children love football, on Children's Day, they played a friendly match with the young players of the Beijing Guoan Junior Team.

The match was a mix of teenagers from both places, chasing and fighting on the field, cooperating with passes, and cheers rang out from time to time.

12-year-old Zaba Jiangcai has been involved in football since he was 4 years old, and his "football age" has been 8 years. It was only after the start of the game that Zabajan reacted quickly and scored less than 5 minutes into the game. For him, who practices at an altitude of more than 4000,<> meters all year round, playing on the plains for the first time "feels more relaxed than in his hometown".

After a game, Zabajiang not only gained a sense of achievement in scoring goals, but also gained a good friend who hated to see each other. Guoan Junior Team member Zhao Yun and Zha Bajiang are on the same birthday, they also have a common football idol French star Mbappe, the two green teenagers see each other and have endless common topics.

Dongzhou Wende, a football teacher at the orphanage who led 40 children to Beijing, is a 33-year-old Tibetan man known to the children as "Daddy." Although he is a football teacher, Dongzhou Wende took the initiative to learn football after coming to work in the orphanage in 2018, and taught while learning, in order to help children strengthen physical exercise.

Taking the children to the first-class stadium to play football is what Dongzhou Wende has always wished. In his opinion, this trip to Beijing will not only broaden the children's horizons, but more importantly, it will plant a seed of "confidence" in the hearts of these children who grew up in welfare homes.

"Maybe the children don't understand it now, but if they have the opportunity in the future, they can see this interview, and I want the children to know that the teacher wants you to have self-confidence and courage to realize your dreams no matter what you do or what setbacks you encounter."

Anyone with dreams is great. On the evening of June 6, aspiring Zhaba Jiangcai and his teammates appeared on a bigger stage - watching Beijing Guoan's home match against Changchun Yatai in the 2th round of the Chinese Super League, six of them also appeared as caddies.

On the morning of Children's Day, some Tibetan teenagers from the Children's Welfare Institute in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, watched the flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square. The picture shows Zeng Lamao shooting the five-star red flag. Photo by Tomita of China News Agency

A special holiday gift

The 40 children who traveled from the plateau to Beijing, the youngest is 7 years old and the oldest is 16 years old.

As the eldest sister in the team, Haozeng Lamao just turned 16 on June Day. The girl, who is already in her first year of high school, could hardly have imagined that she would make a birthday wish in Tiananmen Square.

In Tiananmen Square in the early morning of June 6, there were still a sea of people waiting to watch the flag-raising ceremony. The young man from Yushu, who arrived here in the early morning, changed into a national costume and put on a red scarf.

At 4:47, the national anthem sounded, and Ao Zenglamao, who was standing in the front row, led his younger siblings to sing the national anthem and watch the slowly rising national flag. She has seen such a scene many times on TV, but she still can't hide her excitement when she hears the national anthem at the scene.

Watching the flag raising in Tiananmen Square for the first time, the girl who experienced the Yushu earthquake made a birthday wish that "everything must be safe and healthy". "It's the simplest wish, and it's the truest wish," she said. ”

During the Beijing trip for a few days, she has always been good at expressing her "Beijing experience" in the face of accompanying reporters:

After visiting the Forbidden City and Bird's Nest, she said that "in Beijing, you can feel the long history and modernization of the motherland"; When visiting the Chinese National Community Experience Hall, she said that "what I felt most deeply was the importance of national unity and the importance that the country attaches to national unity"; After watching the performance of "I Grow Up with the Motherland", she said, "'Growing Together' means that whether it is the present or the future of the motherland, we are all together, participating together, and working together. ”

On the afternoon of June 6, at the children's party between Yushu, Beijing, held by China News Service, Haozeng Lamao and his companion Zhuo Gacai Ren unexpectedly received a birthday cake. This special "birthday party" is the "most special gift" in the eyes of Haozeng Lamao.

The nearly week-long "Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Youth Beijing Tour" was sponsored by China News Service, the People's Government of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province, and the Beijing Youth Aid Headquarters, and hosted by China News Network. These 40 children from Yushu Children's Welfare Institute are also the first batch of participants in the Sino-Singapore Public Welfare "Dream Realization Program".

Wu Qingcai, director of the China News Service Media Center and editor-in-chief of China News Network, said that the original intention of this "Dream Realization Program" is to help Tibetan children in these welfare homes realize their dreams in the capital, broaden their horizons, and let them dare to dream, dare to pursue dreams, and be diligent in fulfilling their dreams. Although the itinerary is tight and the time is not long, the sights and experiences these days have given the children a more intuitive and profound understanding of the motherland, the Chinese nation and the grand concepts of Chinese culture.

"This is an activity to fulfill dreams and build dreams, but also an activity to convey the warmth of society and build a beautiful childhood together, and I hope that in the hearts of children, this is also a special Children's Day gift." (End)