In the case of a 29-year-old woman who was found dead in a multi-tenant building in the center of Kumamoto City with her whole body wrapped in cloth, interviews with investigators revealed that the woman was wrapped in cloth and tied with a string-like object over it.

On the night of May 5, Arisa Tatsushima (29), a temporary employee, was found dead on the seventh floor of an eight-story multi-tenant building in Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, with her whole body wrapped in cloth, and police are investigating the case on suspicion of murder and abandonment of the corpse.

According to previous investigations, the woman was wearing long-sleeved clothing and a skirt when the body was found, and according to investigators, it was wrapped in cloth and tied with a string.

On the other hand, no belongings such as mobile phones have been found, and the mobile phone has lost signal, so police are investigating the situation further, believing that someone took it away.

Were you involved in an incident on your way home?

The site where the body was found is a vacant tenant on the seventh floor of an eight-story multi-tenant building in Minamitsuboi-cho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City.

The street where this building is located is commonly known as "Namikizaka" has many restaurants and clothes stores, but some are closed during the late night hours, so there are few people.

There is an arcade street about 8 meters away, and it is believed that Tatsushima was involved in the incident on his way home on foot from his part-time job near this arcade street.

In addition, the distance from the scene to Mr. Tatsushima's home is about 7 meters to the east, and the police say that there is nothing unnatural as a route home from his part-time job.

Mr. Tatsushima, who passed away,

According to acquaintances, the deceased Arisa Tatsushima (29) was from Kumamoto City and attended a high school in the city.

She lived with a man she was dating in Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, and while working at a call center as a temporary employee in Kumamoto City, she also worked part-time.

His work attitude was serious, he was caring, and he was liked by people.

A friend who came to offer flowers

Many people visited the multi-tenant building where Tatsushima's body was found on May 5 to lay flowers.

A woman friend whom Tatsushima met at a restaurant in Kumamoto City where she used to work part-time said, "She was kind enough to take care of me like a younger sister. He was a really cheerful and friendly person, and I still can't believe he passed away."