Solène Delinger 08h00, 01 June 2023

D-Day is almost here for Franck Gastambide! Friday, June 2 will be released on Prime Video his new film "Medellin", a totally zany action comedy in which he gives the answer to his two great friends Ramzy Bedia and Anouar Toubali. Europe 1 had the chance to meet the director. Collaboration with Mike Tyson, filming secrets, bickering with Ramzy... Franck Gastambide told us everything. Interview.

Medellin is by far his most ambitious project... At 44, Franck Gastambide directed the film of his dreams, an action comedy shot in Colombia, with stunts, cars and fights. "Everything I love, what the Americans do, with my extra paw," he told us during our meeting. His paw is his humor, the one he shares with his friend Ramzy. Confined together, the two actors grew closer. Their friendship is now a real source of inspiration for Franck Gastambide, who thought of him at the time of writing Medellin, broadcast tomorrow on Prime Video.

Ramzy was actually his point of reference. "It makes everything easier for me. When I go to the other side of the world to shoot such an ambitious film, I surround myself with people I trust humanly and artistically. I wrote this role for Ramzy," Gastambide told us. His complicity with Ramzy shines on the screen, the floodgates fuse, the laughter too... After the duo Eric and Ramzy, would we be witnessing the birth of the duo Franck and Ramzy, different but with the same comic power? With a smile, and a lot of humility, Franck Gastambide answered us this question and many others... His statements can be found in the video below.