The Casa de Misericordia has made public the posters of the upcoming Sanfermines, of the bull fair, in which Roca Rey is, again, the only figure that doubles. Morante repeats in Pamplona after his return last year and El Juli is once again faithful in its 25th anniversary as an alternative to a fair where it has a curriculum unattainable by anyone of the current rank.

The bull will be as always the axis of the most universal party. The farms are the same as last year: Miura, from Lora del Río (Seville); Victoriano del Río, from Guadalix de la Sierra (Madrid); Cebada Gago, from Medina Sidonia (Cádiz); Jandilla, Mérida (Badajoz); José Escolar Gil, from Lanzahíta (Ávila); Núñez del Cuvillo, from Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz); Fuente Ymbro, San José del Valle, (Cádiz); La Palmosilla, Tarifa (Cádiz); El Capea-Carmen Lorenzo, from San Pelayo de la Guareña (Salamanca) for rejones; and the livestock of Pincha, of Lodosa (Navarra) for the heifer.

These are the posters of the Toro 2023 fair:

  • Wednesday, July 5: Pincha steers for Cristian Parejo, Marcos Linares and Cristiano Torres
  • Thursday, July 6: bulls for rejones of El Capea-Carmen Lorenzo for Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Roberto Armendáriz and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza
  • Friday, July 7: bulls of La Palmosilla for Rafaelillo, Manuel Escribano and Leo Valadez.
  • Saturday, July 8: bulls by José Escolar for Fernando Robleño, Juan del Álamo and Borja Jiménez.
  • Sunday, July 9: Barley Gago bulls for Adrián Torres, Román and Isaac Fonseca.
  • Monday, July 10: Fuente Ymbro bulls for Miguel Ángel Perera, Daniel Luque and Ginés Marín.
  • Tuesday, July 11: bulls of Núñez del Cuvillo for Morante de la Puebla, Alejandro Talavante and Roca Rey.
  • Wednesday, July 12: Jandilla bulls for Antonio Ferrera, El Juli and Cayetano.
  • Thursday, July 13: Victoriano del Río bulls for Emilio de Justo, Roca Rey and Tomás Rufo.
  • Friday, July 14: Miura bulls for Rubén Pinar, Juan Leal and Jesús Enrique 'Colombo'.
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