Sanya, June 6 (ZHANG Yuehe) As one of the most well-known scenic spots in Hainan, the Sanya Tianya Haijiao Tourist Area will be open to domestic and foreign tourists and citizens free of charge from June 1. On the first day of free opening of the scenic spot, there was an endless stream of tourists, many tourists came in advance to queue up for the opening of the park, and the number of people entering the park exceeded 6,1 within three hours of opening.

He Xuefeng is a tour guide and specially entered the park as a tourist today. When he arrived outside the scenic spot half an hour earlier in the morning, he saw many tourists lining up to enter the park, "The free admission of the scenic spot is a breakthrough for Hainan's tourism market, which means that the scenic spot is closer to the needs of tourists and will bring tourists a better travel experience." ”

On the first day of free admission to the Tianya Haijiao Tourist Area, tourists took photos next to Tianya Stone. Photo by Zhang Yuehe

In the scenic area's Internet celebrity bookstore "Tianya Bookstore", philatelic enthusiast Zhang Jing commemorated this special day by "postmarking". He said that postcards with the postmark of scenic spots would be sent to philatelic enthusiasts across the country to inform them of the free opening of the scenic spots and to publicize the changes in Sanya tourism to outsiders.

The free opening of the scenic spot attracts tourists and drives the sales of scenic goods. According to a merchant specializing in shading products, sales of sunhats, the most popular among tourists, doubled that morning. Three days before the free opening of the scenic spot, many merchants have 20% off their goods, providing discounts for tourists.

The picture shows the water show in the Tianyahaijiao Tourist Area. Photo by Zhang Yuehe

On the occasion of Children's Day, many parents brought their children to play in the scenic spots, and activities such as float parades, concerts, and water shows brought tourists a richer experience. Some schools choose to come to the Tianyahaijiao Tourist Area to carry out study tours, so that students can understand the local cultural characteristics and spend the festival more fully.

In the second half of last year, Sanya Luhuitou Scenic Area, a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot, Sanya Dongtian Tourism Area, and other scenic spots under Sanya Tourism Group were successively opened free of charge. Zheng Conghui, chairman of the group, said that the free admission will force the scenic spot to accelerate its transformation and upgrading. At present, new business formats such as scenic marine sports, camping, culture and creativity are developing well, and in the future, it will link up with the surrounding Tianya Maling Town and West Island to create a comprehensive tourism destination in Datianya and attract more tourists to Hainan for leisure and vacation.

On the first day of free admission to the Tianya Haijiao Tourist Area, tourists lined up to open the park. Photo courtesy of Sanya Tianya Haijiao Tourist Area

It is reported that after the free opening of the Tianya Haijiao tourist area, tourists can book 0 yuan tickets through the WeChat public account of the scenic spot, and after the application is successful, they can verify their entry into the park with their identity documents or QR codes for entering the park. (End)