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All the romanticism that flew over St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, all the beauty of the royal wedding of the Dukes of Sussex, all the love that overwhelmed the whole world... Everything turned out to be a spell, so elusive that it got out of hand before we uttered that "they were happy and ate partridges". Harry and Meghan were once again two mere mortals with fur gloves too thin to support the weight of "The Firm" and strangely strong to shake the foundations of Buckingham.

Today, according to rumors in the British press, the couple could be on the verge of divorce. Whether it occurs or not, what is obvious is that both look in opposite directions. She walks determinedly forward, while he might be feeling a deep nostalgia for palace life. If in its day the tabloids baptized the flight to the United States with the expression Megxit -which clearly blamed the wife-, now the term is Meghanaissance, which hints at a kind of rebirth of the duchess.

Meghan's rebirth, Harry's sinking

According to this theory, Meghan Markle would be trying to save her own reputation. Her steps are aimed at becoming an influential person and she is exultant again wrapped in flashes, believing herself pursued by paparazzi and stepping on red carpets with diva whims and stilettos. His bliss contrasts with Prince Harry's loneliness. The physical and emotional distance from the royal family could be taking its toll. He no longer even has the protection of Elizabeth II, who considered him her favorite grandson.

Whether they decide to break or not, the fork in their paths is a glaring fact. While Meghan's seems perfectly drawn, Harry would find himself in absolute helplessness. According to 'Daily Telegraph', you could even have a room reserved in a large hotel chain, near the family home of Montecito, where you can take a moment of respite.

Between two waters

His walk through Westminster Abbey at the coronation of Charles III was revealing of his sadness. According to what was published by British Royal Family News, a few days before Meghan gave her last blow on the table forcing her to choose between her royal family or the one they have built with her in California. Despite his blunt decision to fly to the UK, he was prevented from wearing military costume and joining the rest to wave from the balcony or enjoy lunch afterwards.

Prince Harry arrives alone at the coronation of his father, Charles III, among his cousins Beatrice and Eugenie of York.

He found himself at the same crossroads in October 2022 when he had to respond to the institution's ultimatum. Or exile or divorce. On that occasion he pulled for conjugal love. Since his marriage to Meghan, the prince has never calibrated the impact of his gestures. He did not do it with his departure and much less when he did not take care to measure his words in interviews with Oprah Winfrey or when writing his memoirs. It is now that he might be aware of the damage he did to himself and the consequences of his resignation as royal. The British Home Office has finally decided that it will not pay for the protection of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their trips to the United Kingdom. It's just one of the many details that loom over its future.

Nostalgia for the lost

The physical and temporal distance could have helped him to reconsider and admire what marriage made him despise. Some lip-reading expert detected that, during the coronation ceremony, on more than one occasion he babbled expressions of astonishment and grandeur towards the institution. He also had gestures that betrayed his nervousness.

Any of the analyses of the experts in the royal family contrasts the image of orphanhood that Harry transmits with the narcissism and euphoria of Meghan. Criticism is intensifying towards that role of healer, spiritual guide and teacher of life that the Duchess adopted with her husband, a person who, according to himself, has never enjoyed good mental health, especially since the death of his mother, Princess Diana. Biographers describe Meghan as manipulative and sibylline, able to turn her beloved's brain into putty for his hands, and enhance Harry's labile personality.

Meghan's dealings

Meghan would have managed to provoke pity on himself for his role as second in the crown and antagonize him with his brother William by stoking tensions and quarrels that, while not expressed, did not seem so uncomfortable. According to biographer Robert Lacey, there have never been such deep conflicts between heir and replacement as these brothers, even though they were once inseparable. However, his suspicion is that their disputes can be traced back even to the unfortunate marriage of Charles and Diana.

Meghan Markle, in a striking gold dress with light cut-out, in her last public act. Getty

Anna Pasternak, author of 'The American Duchess, The Real Wallis Simpson', in addition to other books about the British royal family, argues that Harry's personality is similar to that of his mother, while William's would be more similar to that of King Charles. He describes the younger brother as a "rebellious spirit fueled by his fury at the tabloid press." The eldest, on the other hand, would be very aligned with his father in that sense of weighing duty above any emotion.

A complicated personality

In this matter everyone allows himself to express his opinion and we also have that of coach Nick Hatter, who places the Duke of Sussex a complex personality and advises him to practice gratitude so as not to get caught up in his pain. Darren Kelsey, Professor of Psychology at Newcastle University (UK), is the author of an article suggesting what Carl Jung would think. He believes that any trauma of Harry should be sought in "his inner child" and childhood experiences. "The anger he feels today transports him to his childhood and the click and flashes of the cameras make his blood boil," he writes. His conclusion is that Harry would arouse Jung's sympathy, but without blaming the father, in whom he would also see another injured child.

British citizens, however, find it hard to see what their prince has become. Portraitist Nicky Philipps, who was commissioned to paint the brothers in 2009, has said she does not recognise him. He remembers that they seemed "very, very close" and so complicit that one completed the other's sentences. He adds that they were a lot of fun to be with. "They were what you expect of two brothers," he says, alluding to those moments when Harry uncovered his most indiscreet personality and William looked at him sideways. The younger behaved more chaotic and the older like the perfectionist, but nothing made him glimpse a visceral enmity like the one that now seems to surface. "All I saw was a natural brotherly rivalry, but they never showed signs of rancor or aggressive bitterness."

Two brothers, two ways of being

William was protective and that made him charming; Harry was a joker and everyone adored him like that. What the artist saw in him is far removed from the man he is today. "I just don't know who he is," he says. Even so, he considers that it is now the firstborn who has the ball in his court to extend a hand to his brother. "If I forgave him, it would be an extraordinary act," he confessed. Despite being convinced that the situation makes the heir unhappy, she believes that the biggest loser is Harry. He emphasizes that there is nothing that causes him more sadness than to observe that there is no trace of the funny, kind and sweet man he knew. "I don't know what happened."

In recent weeks, opinions have intensified such as that of Lady Colin Campbell, author of seven books about the Windsors, who believes that, from the beginning, Meghan eclipsed Harry and managed to direct his every move. " He, desperate to please her, has heeded what she said, no matter how ill-conceived she may be."

A possible divorce could restore to Harry the lost dignity, royal duties and trust of the British. At the moment, and according to surveys, two-thirds of the population has a rather negative opinion of him. Some media point to Princess Anne, who always showed the same weakness for Harry as Queen Elizabeth, as a possible mediator between the brothers, the only one capable of aligning the heart and head.

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