Pitbull (symbolic image)

Photo: Rolf Rick/ picture-alliance/ dpa

After a dog in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, bit a two-year-old child and five other people, he was shot dead by the police. The pit bull escaped from the apartment of the 63-year-old owner on Wednesday evening and ran into a parking lot, police said during the night.

There, according to the information, he first bit the child in the arm and the 54-year-old grandmother, who had the grandchild in her arms, in the face. The 31-year-old mother, who was rushing to help, was also bitten by the pit bull in the arm.

»Acute danger situation«

Two acquaintances of the dog owner tried to calm the dog down and suffered bite wounds on the arm and legs. According to the police, the drunken dog owner, who came later, could not control the dog and suffered bite wounds on her leg.

The police finally shot the dog to end the "acute danger situation". The injured were taken to hospitals. An investigation has been initiated against the dog owner.