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Pumuckl as a cartoon character in a scene of the TV movie

Photo: Fotoreport / dpa

In Munich, there could be traffic lights in the future that show the Pumuckl instead of red and green men. The district committee (BA) Altstadt-Lehel has already decided on a corresponding cross-party application, reports the Munich »Abendzeitung« . BA Vice-President Wolfgang Püschel (SPD) told the newspaper: "In the district committee, the idea came up to erect a monument to the Pumuckl." However, they did not want to compete with the Pumuckl Fountain in Luitpold Park in Schwabing – which was once donated by Pumuckl inventor Ellis Kaut.

So the district committee was looking for a smaller solution "that can also be smart," as Püschel puts it. The thing with the traffic light also fits well with the character of the goblin, who himself becomes invisible from time to time. Now the town hall has to deal with the application for Pumuckl traffic lights. At least in the SPD parliamentary group, there are already supporters, said Püschel. First of all, we are talking about three intersections.

Given the colors of Pumuckl's hair and clothing, one might think that the traffic light could show his red hair, yellow shirt, and green pants. For the »Abendzeitung«, however, it boils down to a correspondingly colored Pumuckl head. The design is to be developed in consultation with graphic designer Barbara von Johnson. She designed the character and illustrated the books by Ellis Kaut.

The leprechaun with the red hair was created in 1962 by the author Ellis Kaut and has been up to mischief in radio plays, television shows and books ever since. Particularly popular was the 80s television series "Master Eder and his Pumuckl" with the voice of Hans Clarin and Gustl Bayrhammer as master carpenter Eder. The workshop where the feature film and series were shot from 1979 onwards is located in the Lehel district.

Ellis Kaut died in September 2015 at the age of 94. Shortly before, there had been discussions because her books were to be published in a new edition - Pumuckl had also been redesigned, he no longer had a pot belly. After criticism, the drafts were revised. On Kaut's 100th birthday in 2020, it was announced that there would be a new season of the series. This is scheduled to appear on the RTL+ streaming service in the fall of this year.