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"Anything, he denounces it, anything to me." This is how Frank Cuesta left El Hormiguero last night. Pointing to Pablo Motos and trying to protect him from what from the beginning of the interview was a constant: fear. Putting Frank Cuesta and fear together in the same sentence could be said to be an aberration because Frank Cuesta peels everything and everyone. But Frank Cuesta did not want to get Pablo Motos into any trouble, he has enough with his own, he did not want to, but he could not. Frank Cuesta's desire to release hosts like bread, left and right, was stronger than his attempt that El Hormiguero and Pablo Motos were not collateral damage. Impossible. The simple presence of Frank Cuesta in El Hormiguero had already gotten them into trouble.

Frank Cuesta had not been to El Hormiguero for four years. The last time he was the former tennis player, presenter, animal lovers (put you the job that you want) went to the program to ask for help for his now ex-wife Yuyee, imprisoned in a Thai prison convicted of drug trafficking. That interview shocked public opinion. Yuyee is now free, "lives her life", "she has been left with defects, a lot of fears", but she is already free after years of ordeal that should never have been like this.

This time Frank Cuesta returned to El Hormiguero to present his new project, Caminos salvajes, a program that still has no chain, but hopes that with his visit to El Hormiguero the offers will arrive, in which Frank Cuesta with Cristina Seguí -yes, Cristina Seguí- travel the jungle while Frank Cuesta laughs and has fun and Cristina Seguí She is bitten by all the animals that cross her path. That's at least how little they let us watch last night of the show.

So far so good. Although Frank Cuesta skipped one of El Hormiguero's unwritten rules – not announcing himself before the show does – everything seemed to be going well, as well as it can go when your guest is Frank Cuesta. Whoever thought that the former tennis player was going to make a role of correction and moderation for being in El Hormiguero was going to be wrong. With Frank Cuesta you know that moderation does not go with him. Frank Cuesta does not shut up or shut up, nor does he cut himself, nor does he hold back, nor is he afraid, at least, for what they may say or do to him. However, last night, Frank Cuesta did have a fear that did not take long to show, the fear that what he was going to say would drag Pablo Motos like a tsunami.

Frank Cuesta's fear with Pablo Motos

After telling that he has opened a sanctuary in Thailand where there are more than 300 animals and talking about the otter Chispa, the only otter of the more than 348 that he has released that he has wanted to stay with him and explain that he is "like a dog", that he speaks and understands him, Pablo Motos, surprised, asked him if it was true that he spoke to the otter. "Yes, because I don't have many friends left," Frank Cuesta replied. "You don't have to go," Pablo Motos snapped. "No, it's that people bore me. And I'm going to shut up because I'm going to get you in trouble."

It was the first warning. Frank Cuesta did not want what he was going to say to get Pablo Motos into any trouble who has been in the eye of the hurricane for several weeks, so in the eye of the hurricane Pilar Lima, candidate of Unides Podem-Esquerra Unida to the City Council of Valencia, has denounced the program before the Prosecutor's Office for a hate crime because Miguel Lago referred to her as "deaf and bollera", the same words with which Irene Montero presented her at the time. Come on, Pablo Motos and El Hormiguero already have enough for more. But of course there was more.

Containing Frank Cuesta is like locking up a viper with dozens of mice: the viper is going to go for everyone. He endured, made the effort, held back, breathed, looked for other ways out... Impossible. Frank Cuesta is not like the rest of the guests. Frank Cuesta does not like people, they bore him, he lives in a container because that way he does not go to see him, nor the friends, the few he has, because he does not love them either: "Friends always betray you so the farther the better". Fuck me, yes, "but I don't do that with friends."

He practically does not leave the house, from that container. Only occasionally to pour gas, see a little world and come back. And it is important to know this to understand why Frank Cuesta does not go with fear. The fear that caused him so much fear last night is, in his words, to this: "Now nothing can be said in this country. You are afraid to speak, to say anything. Because there's a bunch of messing with everything that is Spain." No more fear. To Frank Cuesta, with.

He said last night that his decision to return to television was by chance. Frank Cuesta left Wild Frank because he wasn't having fun anymore, because they made him do things he didn't want to do like recording two dog shows. One day a youtuber appeared in his sanctuary who taught him "a lot of things". "At the time Cristina Seguí came, got in the car, we started recording and when she left I said 'pussy, what a good time I had!' I told him to come back and a program has come out that you die," he explained.

Frank Cuesta's idea was that not only Cristina Seguí would come to Wild Roads. He invited the "portfolios", Juan Carlos Monedero, "Rufi", Gabriel Rufián and Pam, but "the only one who had courage was Cristina". "This one has more eggs than these two combined. First because he came and second because of what he has done," he said.

And what she has done is not only put herself in the hands of Frank Cuesta, who sailor fabric, but face the pain, while Frank Cuesta enjoys watching her suffer. "Yes, I enjoy. Because from pain you pass to pleasure. For example, if they grab you by the eggs it hurts and when they let them go, what do you feel? Pleasure." This is Frank Cuesta, without more or, better, without less.

He knows this firsthand. Long ago Frank Cuesta got into a gigantic log in the Amazon. He got stuck, lost his pants and was bitten by a bat on his eggs. After three weeks we returned to Manao and they had to give me the three rabies vaccines. I had rabid eggs. I was proud of them." And no, it's no metaphor. Those "angry eggs" that had to be like two rugby balls are Frank Cuesta's fat eggs.

Frank Cuesta, the provocateur

Frank Cuesta can like you better or worse, it is usually more of the second than the first, it can seem a superb, a mouthful, a 'sit chairs', whatever you want. But what is undeniable is that he is one of the few people to whom he brings everything. Hence, the surprise that last night wanted to protect Pablo Motos. You just have to enter their networks and see in the puddles they get into. What for others would be the great drama for him is child's play. Let's see, if in pain he finds pleasure, imagine what he must like to be put in a wild straw. Nor biting his eggs.

It is true that with elections just around the corner, with the political landscape as it is, with those on one side and the other giving each other firewood day in and day out, having Frank Cuesta in El Hormiguero is to place yourself alone in the target, but then what. He is vetoed or censured because what he is going to say will not please a good majority. Whatever he wants, it's Frank Cuesta. He is going to raise a dust, he is going to be at ease and the one who bursts, because it is not his problem, but the one who bursts.

He is Frank Cuesta, he is a born provocateur, and you can love him or hate him, but he will not stop being Frank Cuesta for what they can tell him tomorrow. He doesn't know the term "politically correct," he never has known it. If it has become known and everything it says or does becomes a Trending Topic and news it is precisely because of that, because it is excessive. We are all too old to stay with the reasonable and discard the irrational, aren't we? That is why last night, despite the fact that Frank Cuesta sought a containment that he does not know and does not want, Pablo Motos encouraged him to say what he wanted. "I'm already getting into trouble by sitting here." More reason than a saint. And what came next is not going to please many. It kicked up the dust.

"Animal law is fucking bullshit, but it has a lot of good stuff in it. If they charge me with making an animal law tomorrow, I tell them I can't. I tell them, take veterinarians, ranchers, farmers, pet stores, consumers and people who have animals and make the law. You don't take a sculptor, Pippi Longstocking and the girl with the curve to make an animal law. You can't make a 'macostista' law and call it anima law. Who has made animal law? Podemos and PSOE. Who goes to the demonstrations for animals? People of the left. They are all day giving the cognac against the bulls and hunting and in the law the only thing they do not touch are the bulls, hunting and hunting dogs. And why don't they? Because bulls can not be touched in Spain because it is the most ecological there is (....) Let's see those on social networks, who look silly: I don't like bulls. I'm not anti-bullfighting, but the bulls are there. If people go to see them, then there they are. The day people don't go, they'll disappear." The provocateur, his work. But a provocateur who does not seek to provoke just because, provokes with his forms, not with his background, because the background is his mantra.

And there was one more, probably the most important. And it is that Frank Cuesta is what he is, period, but within that he is, that so much rejection or love causes, from time to time, raises his voice for those who need to be heard. Frank Cuesta does not attend, he does not go on any list, he does not represent any party because he gives everyone equally, but he has something that few people have, that what he says is heard, although only because of the controversy it causes. Last night, he raised his voice for the ALS Act.

"Budgets have been approved for all types of laws and when a life law has to be approved, it is not approved. The sick prefer to die so as not to make families suffer. Sanchez liar, Belarra liar because they say they are going to do it and then they do not do it because it does not give them political gain. 40 times he has promised it and 40 times he has not done it. How many times did Peter deny Jesus? Three and I have a hard time, because I hope this one has a thousand times worse."

Now what? Well, let the tsunami come. It is the pleasure of Frank Cuesta.

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