The universe of "Sex and the City" will briefly become whole again - Kim Cattrall will return to the role of Samantha Jones in the multi-part continuation of the franchise - "And Just Like That", reports Variety. The actress will appear in one scene of the final episode of the second season of the show. It is noted that Cattrall filmed her lines on March 22 in New York, while not contacting either the project manager Michael Patrick King or Sarah Jessica Parker, the performer of the role of Carrie Bradshaw.

In her scene, the heroine Cattrall talks to her friend Carrie on the phone. In the first season of the series, the characters quarreled, they contacted each other only in correspondence and agreed to meet to reconcile.

It is also curious that the artist of "Sex and the City" Patricia Field, who refused to work in the continuation of the series, made an exception for Cattrall. However, at the moment, nothing is known about the fate of the character and plans for him.

In 2016, Kim Cattrall announced that she no longer planned to return to the role of Samantha Jones, as she was not satisfied with the script of the proposed third film in the franchise. According to the plot, the main problem of the heroine Cattrall in this picture was to receive intimate photos from her teenage son Miranda.

"Why couldn't Samantha, who has her own PR agency, sell it, say, because of financial difficulties? 2008 was a difficult year. Someone is still recovering. She is forced to sell the company to some guy in a sweatshirt, and this is the conflict of her character. And this is (simply. - RT) something immediately invented by one of my representatives. That seemed like a great idea to me. There is a conflict here. Not an underage boy," the actress said in a conversation with Variety.

Cattrall noted that she stated her position to the authors of the continuation of "Sex and the City", because she was no longer invited to the series "And Just Like That", and the actress learned about its production from social networks. Subsequently, the actress also said that she had not watched the series, but the fact that the audience missed her was considered praise. In addition, Cattrall noted that the tape has lost its relevance.

"I believe that the world has changed. A series about four women who chat about shopping and shoes for $ 400 when some do not have enough money for food? I'm not saying that we don't need it at all, but I think now the pendulum has swung in the other direction," said the performer of the role of Samantha. In addition, rumors circulated in the media about the conflict that allegedly arose between Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, who were previously considered friends. The absence of Kim Cattrall in the project was confirmed by Michael Patrick King.

The series "And Just Like That" was released in the winter of 2021 and was rather coolly received by both critics and viewers, receiving mostly low ratings in specialized publications and on aggregators. Among other things, reviewers noted that the show did not benefit from the absence of Cattrall's character.

"The depraved and at the same time reasonable attitude of Samantha Jones was the very element that held the entire series together. Without her, these women are in trouble, "wrote the author of the Jezebel portal, Megan Reynolds. She also noted that the absence of the character "is felt acutely, since she is the only one who in the history of this series had at least some sanity."

In addition, criticism fell on the changed manner of narration, the abundance of "cultural landmarks" and new characters, as if introduced into the plot "for show".

Despite the negative reception of the first season, HBO announced the extension of the series, which provoked even more negativity on the network - users stated that this decision demonstrated the company's attitude towards viewers, and noted that the streaming service canceled much more successful projects, but for some reason continued to engage in unsuccessful ones. Many asked for the return of the character of Cattrall at least in a short episode. As a result, in the midst of filming the second season, HBO Chairman and CEO Casey Bloys personally appealed to the actress with a request to return to her role.

A teaser for the second season of the series was released on Max's official YouTube channel at the end of April. The video reveals the current relationship of the heroines - in particular, Carrie again meets with her former lover Aidan, whose role, as before, will be played by John Corbett. Charlotte is still happily married to Harry (Evan Handler), but faces the difficulties of raising a teenage daughter, and Miranda continues her relationship with comedian Che (Sara Ramirez). British singer Sam Smith will also appear in the series, but it is not yet known in which role. In addition to Smith, actors such as Tony Danza ("Collision", "12 Angry Men"), Dominique Paquet ("Escape", "Bones", "Desperate Housewives"), Elizabeth Page ("Modern Love", "Young") and others took part in the work on the second season of the show.

Costume designers of "And Just Like That" Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago said that in the new season the heroes will wear "the classics of "Sex and the City" from Dior and Chanel, as well as things created by designers from around the world.

The new season of "And Just Like That" will include 11 episodes, the first two of which fans will be able to see on the day of the premiere - June 22. However, Samantha Jones will appear on the screens only in August.