• Literature "To decipher the real world is to disturb the instituted order," says Annie Ernaux when collecting the Nobel Prize in Literature

If you have one or two Nobel laureates and can't find a job, this is your chance. The Junta de Castilla y León is looking for "high impact" researchers (as specified in the offer), and who can have a greater impact than being the winner of the most important scientific prize in the world. This proposal is real, although unrealistic, and is unleashing the jokes and anger of many users of social networks and several Castilian-Leonese scientists.

This new program, called 'Andrés Laguna', seeks scientists of international relevance for incorporation into the public universities of Castilla y León and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). Of course, the range of candidates is a little reduced since as they warn, "those who have been awarded the Nobel Prize will have priority" (textual phrase published on the communication portal of the Junta de Castilla y León).

The salary offered by the Messis and Ronaldos of the investigation is not published and all those Nobel laureates who embark on the adventure and accept to be part of this program are assured of a contract "for a minimum period of six months and maximum of twelve". Irresistible.

The call, as expected, has gone viral and many researchers have not hesitated to take it to '' on Twitter. "A golden opportunity to visit Soria, Palencia or Ponferrada for months," said one. Others were not so eager to joke and consider that the politicians of the region make them "look like popsicles before the rest of the scientific community."

"We have been waiting three years for calls for project grants. I say that they will finance us with the crumbs left by the Nobel prizes," said another researcher ironically.

But, lowering their expectations, the Board also accepts people a little less qualified since "there is also room for other winners of similar characteristics such as the Abel or the Fields medal." Ah okay, that's another thing.

The Board will allocate one and a half million euros for this 'ambitious' fundraising project, "although the initiative will mobilize six million that can be expanded if necessary." They may need more if hundreds of Nobel laureates seek to move to Castilla y León to turn their boring lives around.

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