The US space agency "NASA" decided to talk about UFOs, and held a 4-hour session in which it revealed that it had conducted more than 800 observations of unknown aircraft phenomena.

NASA found that between 2 and 5 percent of the total observations "are probably really abnormal," and among the examples the agency touched on was the metal spherical object that flew in the Middle East in 2022, which did not pose a threat to air safety.

Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Office for Solving All Unknown Areas Problems, said that current data and witness accounts are insufficient to provide conclusive evidence of the nature and origin of each event, as without sufficient data conclusions that meet the high scientific standards that have been set for the solution cannot be reached.

For the few objects that exhibit potentially anomalous characteristics, Kirkpatrick explained that these cases are handled with the highest level of objectivity and analytical rigor, and this includes physical testing and the use of modeling and simulation to validate the analyses.

On the question of whether there are really aliens or UFOs in space, NASA says there is no evidence yet of extraterrestrial beings, but is still looking into it.

Shabakat (2023/6/1) followed activists' interactions with NASA's answers, research and conclusions, with activist Dave Mason commenting, "Is this part of an ongoing movement to prepare public opinion for disclosure? The language has shifted from complete denial to acceptance of phenomena from a security perspective."

For his part, the tweeter Mohammed Kateb that the matter does not exceed the limits of what he described Balzabalat and wrote "the biggest lie cosmic NASA and scientists inattention, non-end superstitions, I pity those who believe their ruins."

As for the account "Dragon", he said, "Confirmation of the absence of activities of aliens this rational response, NASA does not want to get involved and lose its credibility, but partially does not mean excluding the presence of aliens and spacecraft, this scarecrow to serve the US government to spread rumors and lies in time of need, to occupy opinion and cover it up on scandals or legislation dirty business."

For her part, activist Damas had another opinion, commenting, "There are only humans who grieve at each other, not aliens and they do not grieve, military planes, surveillance devices and others."

NASA uses the phrase "unknown flying phenomena" and not "unidentified flying objects," and this change in terminology NASA says was consistent with the National Defense Authorization Act.

NASA defines "unknown flying phenomena" as "observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or natural phenomena known from a scientific perspective."