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Kim Catrall: Guest appearance in »And Just Like That... «

Photo: Emma McIntyre / WireImage / Getty Images

»Sex and the City« star Kim Cattrall is supposed to be in the follow-up series »And Just Like That... « show up. The 66-year-old had already recorded a scene in March in her role as Samantha Jones, a spokesman for HBO Max told CNN. The show's Instagram account shared a newspaper article about Cattrall's return in season two, writing, "The secret is out!"

The first season »And Just Like That... « had its premiere in December 2021. While Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon had returned to their roles as Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda, Cattrall was noticeably absent from them. The story of her character Samantha was retold in text messages.

The news is likely to surprise fans, as Cattrall had previously made it clear that she was not planning a return to her "Sex and the City" role. Sarah Jessica Parker had also said in an interview that she would rather continue filming without Cattrall. But instead of letting Samantha die a serial death or recasting the character, it was decided to let her move away after a quarrel with Carrie. In the last episode, however, the two said they wanted to see each other again in the chat.

The first season of the "SATC" sequel had become the most successful original series on the streaming platform HBO Max. The second season of »And Just Like That... « will start in June.