• Tamara Falcó and the Buchinger, this is the clinic to which she will return to wear tipazo at her wedding
  • Tamara Falcó already has a wedding dress: "At least I have something to wear"

Like a new chapter of a folletón, the latest installment of what is already known as the pink wedding of the century has arrived today at the newsstands. Hello! publishes an extensive report where Tamara Falcó and Wes Gordon, in charge of creating her wedding dress (which carries on her back a story as bumpy as that of Isabel Preysler's daughter's own courtship with Íñigo Onieva), give some clues about how the dress will be, after the first test in New York.

The most remarkable thing about the extensive report, where Tamara Falcó expresses her devotion to the Carolina Herrera firm (it has also been known that Isabel Preysler has chosen the same brand for her dress for the occasion) is that Tamara Falcó, far from being a passive client, has participated to the designer her own ideas that, she says, have been heard "with great affection" by the designer.

The designer, for his part, has also expressed enthusiasm for the project and has revealed that the final design has already been chosen. Asked where he had found the inspiration to create it, he says that both were looking for a design that was "modern and timeless at the same time". Tamara's "bridal muse," she says next, is Grace Kelly, "so we tried to create something that evoked that air and that sense of elegance." Also, he says, the fabric with which the dress is going to be made is from a Spanish company.

Thanks to the double interview of Hola! we also know that the dress will have handmade embroidery that will evoke her favorite flowers and the tiara that Tamara Falcó will wear that day.

The dress that Grace Kelly wore at her wedding has, by the way, a curious story, since it was given to her by her studio, the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and was designed by Helen Rose, an Oscar-winning designer who four times designed the costumes of films starring the star. The (religious) wedding took place on April 19, 1956

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