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The comings and goings on the scale are for many a constant. A period of relaxation, an illness, a break of stress, an injury or life itself can cause alterations in our silhouette. Tamara Falcó is among that group of people who have lived in their flesh some significant variation in weight.

On July 8, the link between the Marchioness of Griñón and Íñigo Onieva is fixed, after various soap operas with engagement rings, ruptures, reconciliations and even ateliers who renounce to make the bridal dress. With the waters (apparently) more serene, Isabel Preysler's daughter has just a few weeks to lose a few kilos, a very common goal among boyfriends and girlfriends just before passing through the altar.

Because who doesn't want to show off their best on the big day? Who does not want the dress or suit to fit like a glove? It is a date to shine, each one as he wants, and if for this you have to eat chard ... they are eaten.

Tamara Falcó, as a public figure who was born to be one, has always lived under the spotlight. Therefore, we know of its ups and downs as far as sizes are concerned. Days ago rumors arose that he would go to the Buchinger, a clinic located in Marbella and well known for being the reference center to put the 'famous' in perfect condition through its star tool: therapeutic fasting.

Carmen Sevilla was one of his most loyal clients, and so are Isabel Preysler and her ex-partner Mario Vargas Llosa. The Nobel Prize for Literature, by the way, prefaced the book 'The Art of Fasting', by Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo, medical director of the centers that the Buchinger has in Lake Constance (Germany) and the aforementioned Marbella.

Tamara does not intend to lose 10 kilos

Those dimes and diretes pointed out that Tamara wanted to lose 10 kilos in almost the blink of an eye, a practice clearly contrary to health. Today she herself has denied it in Vanitatis and has put a foot on the wall: the only thing that happens is that she will advance her usual summer stay and will only go a few days to the clinic to follow a detox plan.

No long income and no 'crazy things' with health. In fact, he has said that he is in his "normal weight" and has complained about these insinuations as a "lack of respect".

What is therapeutic fasting practiced at the Buchinger?

The Buchinger Wilhelmi has already completed a century of experience: in 1920 its founder, the German doctor Otto Buchinger, developed the method of fasting with one of his patients and that was the seed of the two clinics that exist today. Between them, they receive about 6,000 people a year.

Few have changed since then. The business is in the hands of the fourth generation of the family and those in charge of taking the reins are now Katharina Rohrer-Zaiser and Victor Wilhelmi. Their product remains the same: fasting. The first clinic that was opened is in Germany and the other, in Marbella, located in a luxurious urbanization that has an avenue with its own name.

The hallmark of the Buchinger is food deprivation, i.e. fasting, which involves a recommended stay of 14 days. For 10 of them, patients only drink broths, juices and infusions. These two weeks, depending on the room chosen, cost between 5,000 and 30,000 euros. Note that those who prefer a less restrictive diet can choose a hypocaloric, more conventional, than part of the 800 kcal.

Hypocaloric diets

In the Buchinger, the days start early, very much in keeping with a certain reigning monastic spirit. The first thing to do, without fail, is to attend the nursing consultation. There they review the tension, pulse and weight, among other data, which are recorded in a diary that monitors the patient's evolution.

Then, for the non-fasting, comes the first intake of the day, devoid, of course, of any hint of sugar. An example of breakfast on a diet of 800 kcal: a coffee with a little milk and stevia, natural grated tomato, fresh cheese and a slice of bread (something is something). It is convenient to savor it well and hurry to the last crumb.

Lunch and dinner, similar, are mainly vegetables, prepared with care and imagination (if you are lucky with some testimonial nuts), but vegetables after all. On specific days a joy can come in the form of a ration of sea bass or rice. This austerity contrasts with the infusions and water for which there is an open bar. There are displays almost on every corner of the clinic.

Before starting therapeutic fasting or diet, failing that, a doctor makes a thorough assessment of the patient's health status, since he must approve the suitability of the treatment. There are red lines that contraindicate it, as is the case of cancer patients, and also maximum durations, which are around 30-35 days of fasting for obese people.

Why does fasting have therapeutic power?

The fundamentals of the healing power of fasting start from the basis that the human being can live for a limited time of his fat reserves while purifying. Thus, they explain, an anti-inflammatory effect is achieved, hypertensive patients improve, the risk of cardiovascular disease decreases, the immune system is activated, stress is lowered and a general revitalizing effect is achieved.

From the Buchinger, they have endowed their method with a scientific basis and generate studies in collaboration with universities and other institutions. That is why Katharina and Victor, the directors, are reluctant to link fasting with a weight loss diet, even if someone can get rid of 5 or 6 kilos after a two-week admission to the Buchinger. They also distance him from the idea of suffering, since, they insist, "on the third day of fasting hunger disappears."

Another of the legs that supports the method is physical exercise, for which there is the pool, the gym and what they call the walks, morning walks of one hour on the Marbella beach. And beware, the purifying eagerness reaches digital dependence: you can only talk on the phone in your room. "We are aware that we are not a clinic for everyone," Katharina warns. And if it does... They will scold you. Smoke? Nein!

To liven up the stays in the clinic and cultivate the soul as well as the body, more than 300 different treatments and therapies (psychologists, massages, physiotherapists, painting workshops) and a cultural program with concerts, film screenings and conferences are available to patients.

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