Nanyang held a press conference to respond to the situation of "harvester transport vehicles stranded at high speed"

On the evening of May 5, Nanyang City held a special press conference on the production of "Three Summers". At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Nanyang Municipal Transportation Bureau once again responded to the situation of "harvester transport vehicles stranded" at the exit of the Tanghe Expressway.

According to the person in charge, on May 5, there was a phenomenon of 17 vehicles transporting harvesters at the high-speed Tanghedong toll station (including 7 with the license plate number Yu D, 1 in Anhui N, 2 in Anhui S, each carrying 4 combine harvesters), and the transportation department, together with relevant departments, quickly coordinated with the high-speed operation unit and achieved an orderly release at 3 a.m. on May 5. On May 18, at individual toll stations such as the Tanghe toll station, vehicles transporting harvesters were concentrated at the station, and the traffic was slow. On the same day, a total of 9 vehicles passed through the Tanghe toll station. Since 5 p.m. on May 22, all high-speed exits in Nanyang City have passed in an orderly manner, and there is no phenomenon of vehicles stranded.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Nanyang Municipal Transportation Bureau, as of 5 a.m. on May 30, a total of 12,47 harvester vehicles including transfers in the city had passed through 12065 high-speed toll stations in the city.

Zhou Qingyu, director of the Nanyang Agricultural and Rural Bureau, said that as of 5 o'clock on May 30, Nanyang City had harvested 17.298 million mu of wheat, accounting for 1.27% of the city's wheat area. According to the survey, all wheat fields will enter the mature harvest period after June 25, and it is expected that the wheat harvest can be basically completed by June 6.

Li Qi, director of Nanyang Agricultural Machinery Technology Center, introduced at the press conference that a total of 1094.1 million mu of wheat was planted in Nanyang City this year, and it is estimated that 8,1 large wheat combine harvesters are needed, 2,6000 units are maintained and put into use in the city, and 2,30 wheat combine harvesters are still needed to be introduced in normal years, and more than 17,298 wheat combine harvesters are currently operating in Nanyang City. As of 1:27 on the 25th, the city has harvested 99.8 million mu of wheat, accounting for <>.<>% of the city's wheat area, and the yield rate is <>.<>%.

According to the latest data analysis of the local meteorological department, from today to June 6, the main wheat-producing areas of Nanyang City will be dominated by cloudy weather, and the temperature will rise, which is conducive to the large-scale wheat harvest. On June 3, Nanyang City also had a large-scale precipitation weather, reminding farmers to take advantage of the favorable weather before June 6 to hurry up and dry the harvest.

In order to ensure the production and transportation services of the "Three Summers", the transportation department of Nanyang City has taken the following measures: First, strictly implement the notice requirements of the Office of the State Council Baotong Baochang Leading Group to eliminate hidden dangers in road traffic. Cooperate with the local government to set up "Sanxia Production Convenience Service Station" at the entrance of each high-speed toll station. The second is to strengthen communication with agricultural machinery service departments and make every effort to ensure the transportation needs of combine harvesters. The third is to strengthen on-duty duty, the 12328 transportation service hotline is on duty 24 hours a day, answering at any time, transferring at any time, and making every effort to ensure the smooth and efficient passage of combine harvester transport vehicles.

The Paper noted that on May 5, the Nanyang Branch of Henan Communications Investment Group released a report on the verification results of the inability of harvester transporters at the Nanyang Tanghe Toll Station to get off the highway. According to the circular, a total of 30 harvester transporters dropped off the Tanghe toll station on May 5, of which the peak hours were from 22:159 to 1:22, during which 3 harvester transporters were concentrated and passed slowly, because some harvester transporters did not apply for the "Oversized Transport Vehicle Permit", resulting in low inspection efficiency, and the remaining 2 transporters passed in an orderly and smooth manner. After the problem appeared, the inspection personnel were immediately added, the inspection efficiency was improved, and the problem of slow vehicle traffic was solved on the same day, and there was no congestion of hundreds of vehicles for 24 days. Since May 135, the 5 toll stations belonging to the Nanyang branch have not been stranded or unable to get off the highway again. (Surging News Reporter Duan Yanchao)