In order to achieve the early development of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen, a general meeting of the "Construction Promotion Period Alliance" was held in the prefectures along the line, and a resolution was adopted calling for the national government and JR Central to start construction of construction zones that Shizuoka Prefecture does not approve the start of construction as soon as possible while reducing the impact on water resources and the natural environment.

Approximately 260 people attended the general meeting of the Alliance, which was held at a hotel in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward, including Governor Omura of Aichi Prefecture, who serves as chairman, as well as representatives from prefectures along the railway line and JR Central.

First of all, Governor Omura stated, "While construction work is steadily progressing toward the opening of the Tokyo-Nagoya route, the construction of the Shizuoka construction zone of the Minami Alps tunnel has not begun.

In addition, Governor Nagasaki of Yamanashi Prefecture stated, "I strongly hope that consultations between the parties concerned will be completed and construction of the Shizuoka Construction Zone will begin promptly."

In response, Governor Kawakatsu of Shizuoka Prefecture said, "Shizuoka Prefecture has consistently supported the linear system, and if we solve the problem of water and excavated soil generated by tunnel construction, there will be no problem."

After this, the General Assembly adopted a resolution that included that the national government and JR Central should avoid and reduce impacts on water resources and the natural environment, that construction of the Shizuoka Construction Area should begin as soon as possible while gaining the understanding of relevant local governments, and that preparations would be made for the early announcement of the outline route and station locations between Nagoya and Osaka, and that environmental impact assessments should begin this year.