China News Network Liao, May 5 Topic: 31-year-old college student in Inner Mongolia donated hematopoietic stem cells to continue life with love

China News Network reporter Zhang Linhu

"The thought of a stranger in this world who bleeds the same blood as me and lives happily like me feels amazing and fulfilling." On the 31st, Leng Bing, a hematopoietic stem cell donor in Naiman Banner, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said coldly.

The picture shows the Leng Bing family. Photo courtesy of Lu Xinxin

It took 5 days, 6 injections of mobilizer, 3 hours of hematopoietic stem cell isolation and collection, and 27 cycles of whole blood... Recently, Leng Bing, a second-year graduate student at Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Medical University, took a "small long vacation" and successfully donated 183 ml of hematopoietic stem cell suspension, becoming the 151st case in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Leng Bing, 24, from Naiman Qi, is a graduate student in clinical medicine. On May 5, after injecting the last mobilizer, he entered the last stage of hematopoietic stem cell donation - hematopoietic stem cell collection.

"After donating, I have no other effect on my body now except for a little bit of weakness." Leng Bing said.

For patients with blood diseases, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is currently one of the most effective treatment paths, the probability of adaptation of hematopoietic stem cells between non-blood relationships is extremely low, from successful initial matching to physical examination and in-depth matching monitoring, every successful pairing is a miracle of life.

Leng Bing's joining the China Bone Marrow Bank stemmed from a chance unpaid blood donation event four years ago.

"One day in 2019, my classmates and I were walking on campus, it happened to be World Blood Donor Day, a mobile blood donation cart came to the school, and we also wanted to contribute to society, so we wanted to donate hematopoietic stem cell blood samples." Leng Bing said.

In July 2022, Leng Bing received a call from the Shenyang Red Cross. When he was told that his first match with the patient was successful, he couldn't believe that such a small probability was actually encountered by himself.

The picture shows cold ice. Photo courtesy of Li Wenjing

"I know that the success rate of hematopoietic stem cell matching between non-blood relations is only 1 in 100,000, and I am really lucky to think of the opportunity to save an unknown life, save him from the torment of illness, and feel the beauty of life again." Leng Bing said.

After learning of the success of the first match, Leng Bing said that he called his parents as soon as possible. "Will my parents do me any harm if they think about it? What are the side effects? But I studied medicine, and I gave them the principle of science, telling them that there was no harm and that they could be recuperated after a period of time, and their parents agreed. Leng Bing said.

After that, Leng Bing successfully passed the high-resolution matching and pre-donation physical examination, and officially entered the donation process.

"Some people have not been matched in storage for a long time, and I am lucky compared to me, which is also a fate." In Leng Bing's view, "It is worth using your own blood to give others a hope." ”

At present, Leng Bing, who is still recuperating at home, has gradually recovered his physical strength under the care of his mother, and his mother is also very pleased to mention her son. "The child said that if he saved him, he might be physically uncomfortable for a while, but if he didn't save him, he would definitely regret it for life, and it must be a living life." Cold mother Che Jianhui said.

The picture shows the honorary certificate of cold ice donation of hematopoietic stem cells. Photo courtesy of Li Wenjing

In Che Jianhui's view, she is very pleased that her son can save a life. "My son is very brave, I admire him for doing such meaningful things, he can bring positive energy to the society, he is my pride."

Today, the news of Leng Bing's successful donation of hematopoietic stem cells has spread all over the streets of his hometown, and he has also become the first hematopoietic stem cell donor in Naiman Banner.

"As his classmate, I feel very proud, very proud, and I will learn more from him and follow his example." Leng Bing High School classmate Li Wenjie said.

As a medical graduate student, Leng Bing believes that saving lives is his duty, and he is extremely proud that he can save a life in this special way.

"Donation of hematopoietic stem cells is the most effective way to save patients with severe blood diseases, and I hope that more people will join the team of donating hematopoietic stem cells and bring hope to more people in need." Leng Bing said. (End)