Another gray afternoon fertilized to the rain. A minute of sad silence in memory of José Fuentes. A steer not exaggerated premiered the series, by ugly sections, by phases better done and together lying and desfondada, bullfight of Fuente Ymbro. He moved more than he rammed. He did not stop from one side to the other in the fight -knocking down the chopping horse included-, but in the embroques he was afflicted. In the removal of Victor Hernandez by showy jumpers passed, but in the response of Alvaro Burdiel by chicuelinas of low hands already pointed to stay below. To Hernández it was worth for two series: the opening by statuaries -espaldina of gift- and in another very embedded and of long stroke. The humiliation of the fuenteymbro lacked the drive for everything else, to get out of the crutch mainly. VH, so settled and mature, cheered the end of a task absent of life by Bernadines.

Burdiel's utrero became a bull, very loaded ahead. It brought good air but the background counted. Humiliating too, without so much mobility, without inertia and, therefore, more truth in everything. The thing is, that was not enough. Time that the Sevillian administered with intelligence, exhibiting classic cut: three series of forehands -the good hand of the bull- brief, the series, I say, tempered and well drawn. After the passage by the left there were no more attacks than bullfighting.

A certain finesse carried the expression of the third, narrow of temples, flexible. The Frenchman Lalo de María walked very willingly with a steer that barely punished on the horse and not even for those stretched his sparse bellows. He left a remarkable doubloon and a way to enter to kill as unwashed as his workmanship. In bullfighters, as in the bull, they count a lot. And with more than 1.90 in height, and looking more like Owen Wilson than Cagancho, he is screwed in a profession that seeks harmony, beauty.

And to continue with the thread of the works we go for the fourth and fifth steers of Ricardo Gallardo, who had stated that his came with good workmanship. It would not be these two, sharpened in precise disharmony. That uphill of the ugly bulls. Víctor Hernández did not give Madrid the importance it had with a quarter of great mobility, fasting of rhythm, class and delivery, liar and passer. The typical deceiver whose emotionality gathers everything necessary for the fool to jump: "he leaves without bullfighting!". Hernández was a lot of truth, achieving series of tremendous merit, an extraordinary one on the right hand. But the sword didn't work. Major cause so that there were more palms for the drag than for the bullfighter.

Before the horrible fifth, Álvaro Burdiel prevailed firmly, not innately, and therefore more commendable. From the kneeling statuaries of a prologue that standing released two crutches of category. The onslaught of jerks, sometimes ignored, was worth to demonstrate fundamentally attitude some reflections of his concept. He went, again, behind the sword.

Lalo de María made an effort with a sixth of good line that stopped and ended with a whistle in the same nose as a hard trace of his presentation in Madrid.

Now climb this bullfight and you have the perfect summary of how the livestock of Fuente Ymbro is. The tunnel of time returned through its mouth those bullfights of Felipe Lafita that were fought in the Madrid of the 90s for the day of San Fernando. Watch them for when you're wondering what a pretty heifer is. And that this was not the worst.

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SOURCE YMBRO / Víctor Hernández, Burdiel and De María

MONUMENTAL DE LAS VENTAS Tuesday, May 30, 2023. Eighteenth fair. Half entry, Steers of Fuente Ymbro.

VÍCTOR HERNÁNDEZ, IN blue Soraya and gold. Rear lunge and several haircuts. Notice (greetings); two punctures and opposite lunge. Warning (silence).

ÁLVARO BURDIEL, NAVY BLUE AND GOLD. Short lunge and two haircuts. Warning (silence); rear lunge (slight request and greetings).

LALO DE MARÍA, FROM Bordeaux and gold. Two punctures, contrary lunge and hairlessness. Notice (palms); puncture, perpendicular rear lunge and three hairless. Warning (silence).

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