Googly eyes and long tactile hairs: is this what a predator looks like?

Photo: M. Delpho/ Tierisch Wild/ srt

A private pond in Upper Franconia has been almost completely emptied by unknown thieves. So far, however, it is not clear whether the thieves were people with landing nets or otters, police said on Tuesday. The animals are said to have been often responsible for the lack of fish in the region recently. In the course of the past week, 200 albino catfish and 40 white sturgeons have disappeared from the pond near Ludwigschorgast (district of Kulmbach). The police initially assume theft in order to investigate in all directions, according to a spokesman.

Just a few weeks ago, unknown persons stole 80 goldfish from a garden pond in Upper Bavaria while the owner was on vacation. However, as the police announced, the man found three days after the discovery of the theft that all the animals swam safely back in the pond.

It is unclear who stole them and brought them back.