The night Pedri went to El Hormiguero on May 16, the footballer should have been the protagonist. The social media, the comments, the headlines should have been those of his interview, but no. A comment by the comedian Miguel Lago during the political gathering of El Hormiguero that night again provoked a tsunami of Podemos against Pablo Motos, against Miguel Lago and against El Hormiguero.

During that gathering, in which there was mainly talk of the regional and municipal elections for which there were then 12 days left, there was a moment in which Pablo Motos threw a question into the air to his tertulianos: "What does a candidate have to have, regardless of the party he is to be accepted?" When Miguel Lago had not even finished doing it, whose role in these gatherings, in which journalists Rubén Amón and María Dabán and the screenwriter and writer Juan del Val also sit, is to put his particular humor to the issues that arise, he let out a "deaf".

The comedian did not take long to explain." It is that the one from Valencia -Pilar Lima, candidate of Unides Podem-Esquerra Unida to the City Council of Valencia- says Irene Montero that she is the best candidate, deaf, bollera. So I say, as everything goes, I'm going to start missing. Here is lame that I bring you ...", he finished making a gesture pointing to Pablo Motos. And there it was until the networks and Podemos worked their magic.

In a matter of minutes Pablo Motos was again the enemy to beat for Podemos. Irene Montero, Pilar Lima herself, Pablo Echenique, and suma y sigue, launched against the presenter and against the program for a phrase in a humorous tone of Miguel Lago in which it is understood that he was replicating the words with which Irene Montero presented at the time to the candidate of his party in Valencia.

It was not the first time that Pablo Motos was in the eye of the hurricane of Podemos. A few months ago a campaign of the Ministry of Equality placed the presenter in the target. Without mentioning him or giving the name of the program in the campaign, one of the interviews that Pablo Motos conducted with Elsa Pataky a few years ago was reproduced almost by heart. I mean, Pablo Motos knows what this is.

In fact, as on other occasions the program and Pablo Motos kept absolute silence, even when Pilar Lima decided last week to file a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office for Valencia, for hate crime and discrimination against the program El Hormiguero, after "the mockery made in his program attacking his condition as a deaf person and the LGTBIQ + collective".

Neither Pablo Motos, nor El Hormiguero, nor Miguel Lago, nor any of the collaborators spoke. Until last night, until the blow of the purple formation in the municipal and regional elections and Miguel Lago decided to open a melon that Pablo Motos has wanted to dodge during all these days.

It was María Dabán who lit the spark by assuring during last night's gathering that the left "has already seen the ears of the wolf and has seen that survival depends on an alliance," in reference to a coalition for the general elections of July 23. "The way of doing politics is also different," continued the journalist. It is true that Yolanda Díaz is softer, but the campaign of Podemos has been to mess with everyone, with businessmen, against Ayuso's brother, against some journalists..."

The journalist did not finish and the silence of Pablo Motos ended: "... against me. And for a news that never happened." The news he was referring to was the complaint to the Prosecutor's Office and the string of attacks suffered in recent weeks.

"That hasn't worked. Maybe they have to change and do something else," Daban added. The expected response of the presenter seemed that he was going to stay there, but no. Miguel Lago was going to take advantage of the fact that Motos had opened the ban to stay at ease, well at ease: "(...) Pablo Iglesias arrives at the negotiation with a box of clips and one of those mugs that he gives away on the channel that he has. The elephant in the room is not just two weeks of permanent pointing, it is not just two weeks of pointing fingers at businessmen, journalists and clowns like me, it is four years of continuous finger-pointing, it is 4 years in which whoever does not think like them is a macho, is a facha, is disgusting and so on for 4 years. And what has happened is that Spain is a country of good, plural people, who have built a great democracy and in the end there are people who have said 'I'm up to the pirri that you are every day insulting'. Because we Spaniards are good."

Miguel Lago released what he should have saved during all these weeks. Weeks in which the insults have been one after the other, weeks in which the cancellation of the program has been requested again, in which Pablo Motos and Miguel Lago have been pointed out excessively. And all because of a phrase in which Irene Montero's words were repeated, according to what Miguel Lago reproduced.

Pablo Motos remained. Before the speech of Miguel Lago, Pablo Motos could not suddenly turn the page and continue to keep silent. Much more restrained, he appealed to Justice: "I just want to point out regarding the news, which is that they have denounced us to the Prosecutor's Office, that I am looking forward to someone seeing the video." Because in the video you can see the exact words of Miguel Lago, the gesture of the humorist and what Pablo Motos did, which was nothing more than throwing the question of what a candidate has to have.

The final icing would come from the hand of the comedian who, although with humor was more than hurt: "In the first place, it hurts me that the Government of Spain denounces me with how Spanish I am. But look, before the cancellation attempts, because this is still an attempt at cancellation, it must be said that this is still the most watched program on Spanish television. Last Saturday the Alcázar Theater was bursting and I have extended the entire month of June to continue laughing at whatever I want. "

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