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No permit: Pedestrian crossing at Blankenberg station

Photo: Federal Police Inspectorate Rostock

A local resident is said to have built a pedestrian crossing on a freight line of the Deutsche Bahn in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. This was announced by a spokesman for the Rostock Federal Police on Tuesday. The man is being investigated for illegal construction work on a railway line. The Deutsche Bahn AG had to close the branch line between Blankenberg and Sternberg, which has not been used for passenger trains for a long time, now also for freight trains.

Signs and water supply tower

The resident had stated that he had laid a concrete slab at Blankenberg station on a voluntary basis over several weekends in order to renew an existing crossing. However, the railway had announced that it had not issued a permit for such work, according to the Federal Police. There was no crossing there.

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According to initial investigations, signs for the crossing were also erected at a bus turning loop, which are not allowed there. In addition, a kind of water supply tower had been built between the tracks. However, this hinders train traffic.

Due to the disruption of public enterprises in a particularly serious case, the Federal Police is also investigating.