It is the Spanish voice that has had the most success among the French public, "which has been conquering 40 years". France has awarded Luz Casal (A Coruña, 1958) the highest artistic distinction it grants and has named her Commander of the Arts. It places it at the height of artists such as David Bowie or Bob Dylan, who also obtained this recognition.

"Knowing how to sing is not enough to be a good performer. You have to know how to transmit emotions, as Barbara, Dalida or Maria Callas have done. You are one of them." With these words, referring to some of the greatest national artists, the French Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, has recognized the trajectory of Luz Casal and her influence in France in an act in which the National Order of Merit has also been awarded to the choreographer and dancer Blanca Li, current director of the Canal Theaters and member of the Academy of Fine Arts of France.

The minister reviewed the career of the two Spanish artists, whose career has always been closely linked to the neighboring country. They are "heirs of Spanish culture but also of French culture", he said during an intimate event held in the halls of the Ministry of Culture in Paris.

Blanca Li (Granada, 1964) settled in Paris in the 90s, where she founded her own dance company and dance studio and where she has worked for the Paris Opera. His shows have been performed at the Théâtre Chaillot, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, or at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées. He lives between Madrid and the French capital.

"The soundtrack of thousands of French people"

Luz Casal is "the soundtrack of thousands of people in Spain and also in France", said the minister. She was catapulted by songs such as Piensa en mí, "the classic of all his classics", and Un año de amor, both included in the soundtrack of the film Tacones Lejanos, by Pedro Almodóvar.

The minister has compared her to the most emblematic French singers, such as Edith Piaf, Dalida and Barbara. Luz Casal has told the press that "since childhood I listened to them" and was inspired by the French chanson.

Casal has covered several French authors and sung in French his best-known singles, such as No me importa nada and Entre mis recuerdos. She has performed in such symbolic venues as the Olympia Theater, where Edith Piaf gave the most emblematic concerts of her career, and where Spaniards such as Camarón de la Isla, Julio Iglesias or Lola Flores performed. In addition, he filled the Teatro La Cigale five days in a row, something that no other Spanish artist has done.

The neighboring country recognizes her with the highest artistic distinction granted for "her creation in the artistic domain and for the contribution she has made to the splendor of the arts in France and in the world." These distinctions are not given randomly. This is the third degree: to be named commander you must have the title of knight and officer. Casal also holds the Gold Medal of the City of Paris.

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