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Holidays on the beach: 18 percent cheaper in Spain and 56 percent cheaper in Turkey than in Germany

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All over the world, prices for holidays are rising – whether for flights, accommodation or a visit to a restaurant. In southern Europe, however, it is sometimes much cheaper for Germans to stay than at home. Even in Italy, where the price level is highest among selected holiday destinations in southern and eastern Europe, restaurants and hotels were still five percent cheaper in March than in Germany. This was announced by the Federal Statistical Office on its price comparison for hotel and restaurant services for popular holiday destinations.

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"Increased energy and food costs are reducing the budgets of many people in Germany for holiday travel," say the statisticians. "However, especially in southern and southeastern European holiday destinations, the price level for restaurant and hotel services is significantly lower than in Germany." It is more expensive, especially at destinations in the north and west of the continent.

Here it is cheaper:

In Slovenia, it was 16 percent cheaper for German tourists, and in Croatia and Cyprus by 17 percent. In Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic, holidaymakers paid 18 per cent less for restaurant and hotel services than in Germany, 21 per cent less in Greece and 28 per cent less in Portugal and Malta.

Montenegro and Romania were even cheaper: Here, hotel stays and restaurant visits cost about 46 percent less than in Germany. "In Turkey and Albania, the price level was the lowest of all selected countries," the Federal Office found. Both holiday countries were more than half (56 percent) cheaper.

In Turkey, local costs could become even cheaper in the summer. Following the election victory of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the financial markets are expecting a further decline in the value of the lira.

It's more expensive here:

On the other hand, the holiday costs more than between Rügen and Lake Constance in Northern Europe and in some neighbouring countries. In Switzerland, travelers have to dig deepest into their pockets: hotel and restaurant visits cost 61 percent more there than in this country. Austria is 15 percent more expensive and France eight percent more expensive.

In Iceland, holidays cost 53 percent more, in Denmark and Norway over 40 percent, and in Finland it is 25 percent. Sweden is a bit cheaper in comparison – but again, the holiday was still 17 percent more expensive. In Ireland, tourists have to pay 21 percent more.