An Ensaïmada de Mallorca

Photo: F.J. Jiménez/ Getty Images

Because two cakes at Palma de Mallorca Airport had allegedly exceeded the hand luggage limit, Ryanair charged fees for taking them on board – and thus triggered a cake crisis. According to the Guardian, the government of the Balearic Islands has called an urgent meeting with the airline and the local association of pastry chefs.

The cakes were ensaïmadas, a traditional Mallorcan pastry that two passengers wanted to carry in their hand luggage. The airline charged 45 euros each for taking the pastry, after which passengers renounced the cakes instead of paying. Ryanair did not initially comment on the meeting.

"It's just a problem with Ryanair"

Tourism Minister Iago Negueruela told the Guardian that he hoped the meeting on the cake conflict would take place this week. According to him, the meeting was convened "to defend local products and avoid any kind of discrimination".

Pep Magraner, president of the Association of Pastry Chefs of the Balearic Islands, also pointed out discrimination. According to the report, passengers would be allowed to take on board Ensaïmadas purchased at the airport's duty-free shop free of charge. This would discriminate against other providers.

"All other airlines allow passengers to take two Ensaïmadas on board," says Magraner. The problem only exists with Ryainair. "But we're talking about a lot of flights here, especially to mainland Spain, where most Ensaïmadas go," says the confectioner's chairman.

Ensaïmada is a spiral pastry made with flour, sugar, eggs, water and pork fat. Supposedly, it takes its name from saïm, the Arabic word for pork fat.