Saturday's finale of "Let's dance" was stormed by three climb activists. One threw yellow toner around, one held up a banner and the third filmed the action.

The incident is not commented on in the broadcast other than juror Ann Wilson praising Charlotte Kalla for staying focused "no matter what happens". Kalla commented on the incident shortly after the program to Aftonbladet.

"It wouldn't ruin our final," she told the newspaper.

Hit by camera

Otis Geijer, 18, was the one holding up the banner.

"It's peaceful civil disobedience. We never want to hurt anyone and we never resort to violence in our actions.

During the action, he was hit by one of the production's cameras mounted on a mechanical arm.

"It was unfortunate that this happened, but luckily there is no danger with me. But we always care about the safety of ourselves and others around us," he says.

The activists were removed from the floor by staff on site. Police were called and then turned them away.

"Rather hated by a small group than a whole generation"

"One reason for doing this type of action is to draw attention to the climate catastrophe," says Tina Kronberg Berggren, who was the one who threw the yellow powder.

Is there a risk that people stop caring about these issues that you want to raise and instead become annoyed with your organization?

"Personally, I'd rather be hated by a small group of people right now than hated by an entire generation when I've stood by and seen how their future is shattered," says Tina Kronberg Berggren.

The three are now suspected of vandalism, in the form of the powder that was thrown, but the police write on their website that the crime classification may change.

SVT Kulturnyheterna has reached out to TV4 for comment.