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Cannabis Plant (Archive)

Photo: imago stock / imago images/Cavan Images

If you bring grass to the children's playground, you are unlikely to make many friends with the police. But what if it is already growing there between the lawns? This was the experience of police officers at a playground in the Zehrental district of German in the district of Stendal, Saxony-Anhalt. After being made aware of the suspicious plants by a visitor last Friday, they bent down into the grass themselves – and found something astonishing.

"Deployed officers of the Osterburg district commissariat visited the playground and found on about 42 m² suspicious narcotics plants with a maximum height of 31 cm," writes the police in a statement. The reason may be a new lawn that was sown a few weeks ago and (by intention or oversight) also contained other seeds.

No "negative effects"

The officials now acted quickly, removed the plants, according to their own statements, "completely" and seized them. They are to be "subsequently investigated," writes the police. Negative effects on playing children or parents have not yet been reported to the police.