Can we compare a policy that says "when we win... No one will lose", with a policy that promises nothing but revenge against its rivals after the elections it did not win, and has no promise, real program, or other goal than to overthrow Erdogan?

In my opinion, the key to the choice we face in this election is hidden in this sentence: what do you promise who will vote for you and who will vote against you?

Apart from the controversy, discord and rivalry inherent in the political process – which is part of its nature – I wonder: what does the opposition prepare its rivals if it wins elections? Throughout the election campaign, we heard nothing but hatred, revenge and promises to overthrow and abuse Erdogan immediately after their victory.

The leftists, who lost with Erdogan's victory, are in fact those who have no political capital other than exploiting the feelings of the proletariat or the poor segments of society with their speeches.

Only Erdogan says "when we win, no one will lose", and this does not mean that it is a new promise for the upcoming elections; whoever has a conscience will know very well that this statement is the most concise and expressive of Erdogan's political style, who has ruled the country for 21 years; Erdogan has never considered his gain in the elections a loss for those who did not vote for him or that his gain is only for those who elected him and voted for him.

When he won, the whole country won. When he won, not only Sunni Turkish men or conservatives and religious people, who represented his largest electoral bloc, won. Indeed, when he won, the Kurds also won, the Alawites won, the most homeless areas of the country won, the poor and needy also won, the workers and women won, and the youth also won. Whether these winners voted for him or not, he continued to win them every time he wins. He never punished them for not voting, he continued to win them over, and when Erdogan wins, everyone wins with him.

When he wins, only a minority loses, a minority that does not lose its natural human rights but basic human rights, even their extremist privileges, and when he wins, he lost those who denied the identity of the Kurds, those who discriminated against them, those who made them hostile to the rest of this country, and the black lobbies that were the reason for the continuation of the black war on terror for years through this lost hostility.

The putschists also lost; they could not carry out a coup as easily as before. This, of course, increased their anger. As they always do, they proclaimed support for nationalism and the shared values of Ataturk, which they considered to be in danger of extinction, yet they continued to lose when they put forward these things and wanted to regain their guardianship and privileges.

Lobbyists and tenants, who used to make money from usury and suck the nation's blood, lost a lot when Erdogan won. The more they lose, the more irritable they are. That's why most leftist voices today come from the richest and most prosperous people in the country.

The leftists, who lost with Erdogan's victory, are in fact those who have no political capital other than exploiting the feelings of the proletariat or the poor segments of society with their speeches. They even continued to win with Erdogan's victory, and continued to live their comfortable lives. Their relationship with the poor living in huts is their dreams one evening.

On the other hand, when Erdogan won, he did not resort to punishment or revenge against his political opponents for a day. On the contrary, he continued to serve not only those who supported him, but also those who did not support him and those who opposed him, without any discrimination. One can look at the services provided to the people of the coastal regions and the southeast, where their voices went to the opposition for most of his rule. Let's compare these services with those provided to areas where the majority voted for it; there won't be any visible difference.

Who gains when Syrians lose?

We also have another frightening scene, where the opposition, if it wins all that is negative and worrying, promises all aimed at punishing, humiliating, deserving and judging others and considering them losers if they win. Let's take a look at the topic of "sending Syrians home" which is the most obvious thing for this case.

In fact, the Syrian person is a test question that your skill in answering lies in the extent to which you are able to triumph over all human values and the extent to which you have them. Is it possible to include the difference between what Erdogan did to the Syrian brothers and those whose electoral promises are to expel the brothers and return them to hell!?

As for those who chant morning and evening in the media: Is your strength and support visible only to the weak, the needy, refugees and guests!? In fact, they do not understand the crime they commit against all humanity when they incite against their Syrian brothers, and in order to realize these meanings, they must have the highest levels of human awareness and full faith in virtue, but where do they get it!?

On the other hand, Erdogan has already developed an equation in which Syrians can be sent without letting them die, even if it is necessary in light of many considerations. It is already building residential areas in northern Syria, which began some time ago, with funding from the Atari Assistance Fund. This is the most humane solution possible. These greedy villains who are blinded by what Syrians eat, and who mistake their selfish corruption and greed as conscious citizenship, should not worry about it.

Ömit Özdağ and the Kurds

Ümit Özdağ's decision to support Kemal Kılıçdağlu was an unpleasant example, and on the contrary, it is a bad example and a gesture that should worry their dreams because everyone knows what Özdağ has unleashed of anger, intolerance and hatred throughout the past period.

We can say that he and Kılıçdaroğlu, who accepted to support Özdag by making many concessions through bargaining, suit each other well. But this meeting has the dimension of deceiving the HDP, which is already being dispensed with for the sake of the new "amorous" relationship.

I don't know how the party will accept an alliance with a man who says about the Kurds that they are not human beings! He devotes his life to their war. How can an alliance be made with a man with such hostile problems toward the Kurds and promised to get the Ministry of Interior, and no matter how much policy is in this matter, he has primarily insulted the Kurds.

The Kurds do not deserve this humiliation; but for the Green Left Party who see the game of ultra-nationalist support for the opposition candidate as a piece of cake in their bag, there is no problem in partnering with someone who insults them day and night and has a problem with humanity, as long as Erdogan falls.

What can all these enemies get with hostility to Erdogan?

This is the question that the Kurds and all of Turkey will answer today.