Guiyang, 5 May (ZXS) -- Guizhou, once a city, was often labeled by the outside world as "without three miles of land and no silver for people." Today's Guizhou, with highways crisscrossing the highway, the rise of big data, and the landing of the "Eye of China" have constantly refreshed Wang Xiyuan's understanding of Guizhou, "Standing on the observation deck and looking down at the 'Eye of China's Sky' is the closest moment in my life to the universe." ”

From May 5 to 23, more than 27 young people from Taiwan visited Qian to start the "Taiwan Youth Dream Guizhou Tour" activity. Taiqing and his entourage walked into Guizhou colleges and universities to visit students' practical training classrooms, visit the development of Taiwan-funded enterprises in Guizhou, enter Guizhou Moutai Town to understand the culture of sauce wine, and visit the "Eye of China" to feel the scientific and technological charm of big countries and heavy weapons.

Wang Xiyuan took pictures all the way, constantly using his mobile phone to record what he saw and heard during his first trip to Guizhou, and when he learned about the persistent scientific spirit of Mr. Nan Rendong, the father of the "Chinese Sky Eye", and saw with his own eyes the "China Sky Eye" with an area equivalent to 30 football fields, he couldn't help but sigh: it really deserves its name.

Wang Xiyuan said that the "Chinese Heavenly Eye", which is surrounded by mountains, is like a giant eye on the earth quietly gazing at the sky, "It is particularly shocking and moving, and I expect it to bring us more surprises." ”

"I have recorded the development and changes of Guizhou and the beautiful scenery of food, in addition to making retention materials, I am also preparing to send videos and pictures to friends in Taiwan to watch." Wang Xiyuan said frankly that the two sides of the strait need such in-depth exchanges and understanding.

For him, Liu Xiaoxing, a Taiwanese youth visiting Guizhou, was a culinary journey, with pots in the night market, baked tofu on the street and chili peppers with different flavors to match.

"I am very interested in Guizhou's agricultural products, and I hope to have the opportunity to promote the agricultural products in the mountains of Guizhou and introduce them to more friends in Taiwan and overseas." Liu Xiaoxing, who likes to travel, said that Guizhou is also a treasure province, not only the climate is cool, but also the tourism resources are very rich.

For Chen Yiting, a "post-80s" Taiwanese youth, his trip to Guizhou allowed him to find new opportunities for cooperation, and he was optimistic about the mainland cultural tourism industry, hoping to cooperate with Guizhou vocational colleges to open "customized classes" to provide a steady stream of professionals for the cultural tourism projects invested.

As the "second generation of Taiwan" who has been rooted in the mainland for many years, Chen Yiting is the executive director of the 901 Cross-Strait Youth Innovation Alliance, he not only travels to all parts of the mainland to find suitable investment projects for Taiwan youth, but also builds a platform for Taiwan youth who want to come to the mainland to start a business and find employment. ”

During their visit to Guizhou, more than 20 Taiwanese youths also talked with Taiwanese youths who were rooted in Guizhou. Zhang Mengyang, a Taiwanese youth who works in the big data industry in Guizhou, said, "Compared with coastal cities, Guizhou is very suitable for young people to start a business, and there is more room for play here." (End)