Xuzhou, May 5 (Reporter Zhu Zhigeng) "This year's garlic has grown well, one mu of land can harvest about 27,4000 jin of fresh garlic, and now the market price is generally more than 2.3 yuan / jin, plus the income of garlic in spring, an acre of land steadily exceeds 10000,5 yuan of income, the benefits are very considerable." On the morning of May 27, Ge Ren, a garlic farmer in Gezhuang Village, Shouxian Town, Feng County, Jiangsu Province, finished selling garlic and calculated the harvest account to reporters on the way back.

Since mid-May, the garlic harvest in Feng County has entered the harvest period. In the continuous garlic fields, garlic farmers skillfully dig garlic, shake the soil, cut garlic, and put fresh garlic with earthy smell in rows in the field, the breeze blows, the garlic fragrance is overflowing, and the garlic farmers enjoy the joy of harvest in their work.

Garlic growers in the surrounding villages drove to line up to sell garlic with garlic. Photo by Zhu Zhigeng

In the Feng County Wang Progress Agricultural Products Professional Cooperative, located in Gezhuang Village, Shouxian Town, tricycles and pickups filled with garlic lined up waiting to be sold garlic. After grading, negotiating, and weighing, bags of garlic are transported along the rotating conveyor belt onto large trucks waiting to be shipped out.

Liu Hongqi, head of the cooperative, said that this season, his cooperative has purchased more than 5000,1 tons of fresh garlic and more than 1000,<> tons of onions. The fresh garlic and onions purchased are mainly shipped to garlic deep processing enterprises in Shandong. The three cold stores he rented also stored <>,<> tons of garlic, and waited until the end of the year when the market was good.

In the Feng County Wang Progress Agricultural Products Professional Cooperative, people are busy loading trucks to transport harvest garlic. Photo by Zhu Zhigeng

Shouxian Town is a traditional agricultural town in Feng County and the main garlic planting area in Feng County, with a garlic planting area of 3,5 mu this year. Garlic grown here is full of grains, rich in aroma, uniform garlic cloves, resistant to storage, and garlic can also be sold before the garlic is sold, garlic cultivation has become the leading industry for local farmers to increase income and become rich.

As the leading agricultural industry of Shouxian Town, the town encourages large planters to revitalize the idle land in the village and develop the garlic industry through the planting model of "cooperative + large households driving small households". Growing garlic not only brings considerable economic income to garlic farmers, but also drives the employment of surrounding farmers. Every year, during the garlic harvest season, it attracts a large number of villagers from the surrounding areas to come to work. "This year, garlic grows well, the price is high, the boss gives us more wages, and we also have the energy to work, and we can earn almost three or four hundred yuan a day." Villager Lu Peiting said.

In the agricultural and sideline products industrial park of Shouxian Town, Jiang Liuqi, secretary of the party branch of Litang Village in Shouxian Town, discussed the deep processing of garlic with Zhang Xilong, the person in charge of cold storage. Photo by Zhu Zhigeng

The garlic planting area of Feng County is 28,7 mu (including garlic), and the onion planting area is nearly 26,7 mu. At present, the garlic harvest has been completed, and the garlic and onion are being harvested. According to the statistics of the Feng County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, this season, the output value of garlic in the county is about 3.5 billion yuan, and the output value of onion is more than <> million yuan.

In the next step, the local government will also actively guide farmers to adjust the industrial structure according to local conditions, encourage and support the people to develop garlic planting, make garlic and onion planting into a large industry, and mobilize farmers to increase income and become rich. (End)

The cold storage of the agricultural and sideline products industrial park in Shouxian Town is fully open, and garlic processing is already on the way. Photo by Zhu Zhigeng