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Whether you take the eyeshadows, the lips in red or brown, to the 90s, or whatever the trends of the summer season dictate each year, there is a common denominator in what we ask of summer makeup.

More than at any other time of the year, the key is in a skin of good face effect, that which imitates, precisely, the relaxed face that stays after several days of vacation. However, not only, relax live the makeup of summer. A healthy, golden, luminous tone, as if you had sunbathed (without having done so), is another of the basics of a look of 10 when the heat arrives. For this, nothing like using light bases that little more than unify the tone and hide imperfections.

Makeup effect good face and lips for all tastes (and colors)

Fulfilled with note the record of the best makeup skin of the summer, it is time to give color to the looks. And the lips are postulated as the perfect object to highlight.

There are no limits when it comes to making up your mouth, anything goes for the holidays of 2023. If we talk about colors, between corals, oranges, reds and even darker tones such as plum, traditionally more winter, the lipstick palette moves.

In the finishes is the key to decline each color in the most summery way possible. The matte texture is allied with orange, while glitter and vinyl wear the most timeless or even summery tones, such as red and purple, giving them a renewed air.

That yours is not to bet 'crazy' for some powerful color? That's where coral and neutral tones come into play in balm format or simply transparent gloss.

4 summer makeup (and how to get them)


Coral lips with gloss effect

The perfect complement to a natural skin worthy of a holiday that leaves the makeup Les Beiges de Chanel is a mouth in a discreet coral that, however, stands out for its brightness. This finish is achieved with Rouge Allure L'Extrait, with color and a remarkable concentrate of light, as pointed out by Raquel Álvarez, makeup artist and ambassador of the brand in Spain and Portugal.

Jacket and earrings, necklace and rings Coco Crush, by Chanel.

Keys to a natural look

On the cheeks, balm Nº1 tone Lively Rosewood (45 euros). Nail polish Le Vernis tone Première Dame (32 €). Lipstick Rouge Allure L'Extrait tone 844 (32 €). All from Chanel.


All orange, with velvet lips

Summer color where there are, orange this season conquers everything, eyes and lips. The latter acquire a matte texture, but not excessive, but with a luminous point, due to the effect of the Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick, "with a concentrate of pure pigments that leaves an intense color without dehydrating, because it contains in its formulation jojoba oil and shea butter", underlines the Chanel makeup artist.

Printed swimsuit, Coco Crush necklace, Première watch and earrings, by Chanel.

Key products for a total orange look

On the cheeks, Baume Essentielle tone Rouge Frais (42 euros). Nail polish Le Vernis Immortelle (32 euros). Shadows Les 4 Rouges tone Tendresse (80 euros). Lipstick Rouge Allure Velvet tone Légendaire (45 euros). All from Chanel.


Lip profiling in the 20s

The craziest decade, in which a pinion mouth stood out with profiler, and the 90s, when the profile of the lip was drawn darker than the rest, shake hands in this look in a plum tone. The bar, which is applied with a gradient effect and has a luminous point that gives juiciness to the set, is Rouge Coco Flash, by Chanel.

Tweed jumpsuit and sunglasses, by Chanel.

For a well-profiled lip...

Lipstick Rouge Coco Flash tone Attitude (45 euros). Lip liner Le Crayon Lèvres tone Rouge Intense (28 euros). Eyebrow pencil Le Stylo Sourcils Boy (42 euros). All from Chanel.


Vinyl red lips with pink eye shadows

The lip color that will never go out of style is dressed in summer thanks to a brighter finish impossible. This unique texture is achieved with Chanel's Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue double lipstick, "a long-lasting mirror-effect duo, whose first step is a liquid color on which the final gel-like gloss is applied," explains Raquel Álvarez. A pink eyeshadow completes the look.

Swimsuit with ruffles, earrings and choker Coco Crush, by Chanel.

This is how the pink and red look is achieved

Blush, used as a shadow too, Joues Contrast tone Pink Explosion (49 euros). The Mascara Base (40 euros). Liquid lipstick Le Rouge Duo Ultra Subdued tone Daring Red (45 euros). All from Chanel.

Holiday skin

Chanel's Les Beiges collection is already a summer classic that reproduces the characteristic good summer face. Its new products, in travel format, and a good moisturizing eye contour that illuminates the look, are the basic keys of the four looks of this report. Crème Belle Mine Ensoileillée suntan cream (37 euros), Eau de Teint light base (45 euros) and Huile Illuminatrice illuminating oil for body and hair (56 euros), from the Les Beiges de Chanel collection in travel format. Eye contour Hydra Beauty Micro Crème Yeux (65 euros).

*Photos: JAVIER LÓPEZ. Makeup and hairdressing: RAQUEL ÁLVAREZ (One Off Artists) for CHANEL. Realization: MARTA SOTILLO and NATALIA BENGOECHEA. Model: ELENA CAMBÓN (Uno Models). Photography assistants: PABLO MINGO and SHEILA VELASCO. Makeup and hairdressing assistant: MARÍA TAGGLIA. Styling assistant: ANDRÉS MARTÍN. MANICURE Nubia Soacha (One Off Artists).

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