Finally, finally, finally the polls decide. Tonight, before going to bed, we will know who takes the cat to the water in 8,087 municipalities, in twelve communities and in the two autonomous cities. Or not, as Rajoy would say.

And if it is not, the fault will not be the counting system that, in Spain, proven to be, is agile and reliable. The responsibility will be of the parties that in campaign deny the pacts and the commitment is erased from their minds a second after making calculations and verifying that

By messing around, even if it is selling the soul to Satan himself, they can hit him in the nose and eat the toast of the rival.

Remember that "I couldn't sleep..."


In other words, there are many possibilities in many places that tonight one will win emphatically, that he will clearly be the most voted and, nevertheless,

Tomorrow let's check that you stay with the desire

seeing how a pact between losers takes power away from him.

This is nothing new. We saw it, for example, in the City Council of Madrid in the last elections, or in the Autonomous Community of Navarre, to name

Two clear cases

in which the victim was either left or right.

In the case of Madrid, Más Madrid triumphed, but it was of little use against

an agreement devised between PP and Citizens with the support of Vox

, which gave the Mayor's Office to the popular José Luis Martínez Almeida. In the case of Navarre, the electoral victory was clear for UPN, but, again, an alliance between PSOE, Geroa Bai, Podemos and Izquierda Unida, with the essential abstention of EH Bildu, handed power to the socialist María Chivite.

Agreeing after elections is legal. There is no doubt about that. What is not so clear is that it pleases the citizens or that it respects their decision.

If you vote PSOE, you want the PSOE to govern. And the same happens if you vote for the PP or any other formation

. The ballot boxes are not the CIS polls, in which one can point to first bet and second choice. When you go to the polling station, you choose one ballot and only one, without further ado.

Then, the loser who compromises and thus manages to climb to power argues that, in the end, the voter chooses left or right. No more distinctions, no more nuances. In other words,

not worth complaining


And no, no and no.

Many choose an option that they then see adulterated

, usually towards extreme positions they would never bet on. Of course, there are also those who choose a radical ballot and do not want it to be sweetened with moderate positions. And they are in their full right.

To both sides, the party of their choice will try to convince them that there is no choice. That the system is like that; that in Spain what now compete are the blocks, two sets without intersection. And, in the end,

We attend to bundles of acronyms that are made with the power prior distribution of armchairs

, concessions and dispatch fixes that voters have not backed with their ballots.

There is a solution – and it is not that the most voted list governs – the case is to want to arbitrate it, for example, by changing the Electoral Law to establish a second round system. Surely there are dozens of experts who deny this formula, but

To me, citizen monda and lironda, common sense tells me that it is the fairest

. By the way, we should also give a thought to that of the vote by mail, which seen what has been seen in this campaign seems to have more holes than a Gruyere cheese.

If neither of the two most voted formations manages to impose itself to govern, going to a new round in which the rest of the forces ask their allies to bet on one of them would allow us citizens to choose, then yes, knowing the look that the subsequent pacts would have, those that in short will govern us.

We would choose between blocks, but with full awareness of it

, calibrating pros and cons, knowing in advance and without tricks of the almendruco who will modulate the exercise of power.

I am afraid, however, that this will not happen. Starting tomorrow, as so many other times, we will witness a new show of tug-of-war, of I give you and you owe me, of red lines that melt, of sudden insomnia cures, of where I said I say, I say Diego. Our laws allow it.

We will put our hands to our heads, but we will assume it.

. And we will stumble again. Mine is a plea, with very little hope, so that they do not give it to us with cheese.