An election campaign resembles a short story contest that the one who lies best hopes to win. From the vindication of the prodigies worked and the promise of those that will be worked the less naïve public usually discounts a high percentage of bad literature made with good intentions: hence the cynical assertion that electoral promises only commit those who believe them.

However, in the era of digital post-truth and liquid memory, politics lends itself as never before to triumph.

or psychopaths and cynics. Split minds that do not recognize the moral link between words and deeds out of insanity or interest. Unfortunately, history has not yet inoculated us against the lethal confusion between literature and politics. If a novelist immersed in his fictions loses his footing in real life, he will only harm himself while perhaps benefiting his readers; But if a politician drunk with power submits the needs of the community to

the crooked lines of his psyche,

It will be paid by all his governed while he rushes the prerogatives of command.

The Sanchista years will be remembered as an inflationary spiral of storytelling. A sustained and maddening maneuver of substitution of the soul for the suit, of efficiency for propaganda, of the thing for the symbol. The truth came to seem anachronistic to us. I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but everything indicates that the noble skull of Ortega y Gasset will smile again: indeed, every ignored reality prepares its revenge. On the tables of this campaign

The spotlight has illuminated the overacted gestures of a mediocre heartthrob

Determined to step on the dialogues of his co-stars, theoretical protagonists of this work. Her counterpart has returned to being a Madrid candidate who, fortunately, still does not succeed with the rally tone because she prefers to reveal imperfection rather than sound artificial or promise what she cannot fulfill.

Ayuso's victory

It should ignite the wildfire of a national revolution in favor of credibility buried under a forest of imposture watered with public money. It is urgent to prune that forest.

That is why the change of political cycle in Spain goes beyond the ideological course: it is an epistemic restoration, with forgiveness. It is about separating truth from lies, punishing liars and rewarding truthful ones. To go back to doing what needs to be done before thinking about how to communicate it. We are not asking politicians to stop lying, because that is impossible; We ask that when they do, they be the ones who feel shame and not us.

Outrage has switched sides.

The farce is coming to an end.