【Commentary】With the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies, China-Vietnam border tours are increasingly favored by tourists. Recently, a reporter from the China News Agency saw many tourists with their families in Detian Waterfall "enjoying" the beauty of the mountains and rivers on the border of Guangxi in the scenic area, overlooking the scenery of Vietnam.

【Commentary】Xu Ben, a tourist from Guiyang, took advantage of the holiday this time to take his family from Guiyang through Yunnan to Detian Waterfall to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

【During the same period】Guiyang tourist Xu Ben

We have heard of Detian Waterfall before, and then come down here to take a look, look at the landscape, feel this nature, Guizhou Mountain is bigger, the mountain here is smaller, but very beautiful, the air is very comfortable.

Detian Waterfall is located in Detian Village, Shuolong Town, Daxin County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi, upstream of the Guichun River on the border between China and Vietnam, which is connected to Banyo Waterfall in Vietnam and is the first transnational waterfall in Asia and the fourth largest in the world.

【Commentary】Sichuan tourist Du Tingli visited Guangxi 12 years ago, and now she is very moved to travel to Guangxi, and the beautiful landscape also makes her linger.

【During the same period】Sichuan tourist Du Tingli

The feeling is too big, that is, the Guangxi side has really changed very much, I used to (with) colleagues 12 years ago, I went to Guangxi together, and then through the travel agency also went to (Vietnam) Da Nang, to Da Nang to travel, this time to the Sino-Vietnamese border we went to Dongxing, today here again (Detian Waterfall), see our border road is very beautiful.

【Commentary】Tourist Ms. Qu and her family traveled all the way from Zhejiang to Guangxi, and when she first entered the boundary of Guangxi, she was amazed by the green mountains and waters, and the boundary monument on the Sino-Vietnamese border also shocked her.

【During the same period】Zhejiang tourist Ms. Qu

Entering the boundary of Guangxi, I felt that the mountain was beautiful, and the boundary monument we went to see was also very shocking, because I had never seen it before, it seemed that Vietnam was very far away, and now I feel that we can see them, and they are riding motorcycles opposite us, and we seem to be dressed or something.

【Commentary】In November 2022, China and Vietnam issued the Joint Statement on Further Strengthening and Deepening the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between China and Vietnam, striving to promote the trial operation of the China-Vietnam Detian-Banyo Waterfall Cross-border Tourism Cooperation Zone for tourists from both countries as soon as possible, and create a model of cross-border tourism.

It is understood that according to the scope agreed upon in the initial stage of the construction of the cooperation zone, China and Vietnam each occupy an area of 2 square kilometers. At present, the Chinese side has built facilities such as the certificate hall, China-Vietnam cross-border street, China-Vietnam cross-border shopping area, cross-border travel channel, and verification checkpoint, which are ready for trial operation. When the operation begins, visitors only need to complete simple customs clearance procedures at the entrance of the scenic spot, and they can enjoy the scenic spots within the cooperation zone, realize a day trip to the two countries, and appreciate the different folk customs of China and Vietnam.

Reporting by Chen Yanyou, Huang Lingyan, and Chongzuo, Guangxi

Responsible Editor: [Li Ji]