Solène Delinger 17:50 p.m., May 23, 2023, modified at 17:52 p.m., May 23, 2023

Every year, the Cannes Film Festival brings together the biggest stars on the planet. These personalities, determined to make the most of their stay on the Croisette, do not hesitate to use their celebrity status to get absolutely everything they want... Anthology of their biggest whims.

What's the point of being a star if you can't enjoy your privileges? What's more, at the Cannes Film Festival, where everything seems to be allowed... Some personalities, ready to do anything to live an awakened on the Croisette, do not hesitate to be demanding or even downright capricious. Let's take a look back at five of their biggest extravagances, which may leave you speechless.

Nicole Kidman takes a shower at the Evian

Nicole Kidman is ready to do anything to maintain her dream mane, really to everything... Passing through Cannes a few years ago, the Australian actress settled at the famous Carlton Hotel. When it came time to wash her hair, the star refused to rinse it in the shower. Because yes, limestone, it damages! And it was absolutely out of the question that her blonde hair wouldn't sparkle on the red carpet. So, Nicole Kidman had the idea of the century: order 40 bottles of Evian mineral water to make her shampoo! Her hair still thanks her, the planet a little less...

© Jacky Godard / Photo12 via AFP

Eva Longoria privatizes a shop

Would the capricious personality of Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives have rubbed off on our dear Eva Longoria? Like Gaby (whom she played brilliantly), Eva is a fashionista and she assumes it. When she finds herself in Cannes, the pretty brunette redoubles her inventiveness to shop in the best possible conditions. Out of the question to be bothered to choose the outfit and the pair of shoes that will make her shine on the red carpet! The actress has already naturally demanded that she be privatized a shoe shop ... Alone facing a multitude of pumps, Eva Longoria cracked... Cost of this whim? 24,000 euros!

© FPA / Full Picture Agency / Full Picture Agency via AFP

Madonna demands a gym

Madonna knows neither the word "rest" nor the word "letting go". Passing through Cannes in 2008 to defend his documentary on children in Malawi I Am Because We Are, the interpreter of Like a Virgin had a little head elsewhere, in his sports routine more precisely. Determined to maintain her athlete's body even on the Croisette, the singer became disillusioned when she realized that there was no gym in her hotel. Madonna being Madonna, she demanded that she be made a custom one with the total: treadmill, rowing machine, cross-country ski simulator ... Very tough demands...


Faye Dunaway asks for goat's milk to take a bath

Some stars have fads: for Nicole Kidman, it's hair, for Faye Dunaway, it's about skin! According to one of the Carlton employees, the star asked in the 1990s to be delivered goat's milk... to take a bath!

© Photo12 / Jacky Godard / Photo12 via AFP

Spike Lee demands to be allowed to watch a basketball game

Spike Lee had a big cold sweat in 1996, during one of his visits to Cannes. The director thought he was going crazy when he was told he couldn't watch a live basketball game. Angry, Spike Lee called the France a "land of degenerates" and even threatened to leave the Festival. His little pressure worked: Paramount rented him a satellite beam specially dedicated for the game. Price of this whim? 46,000 euros... An anthology match, so...