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The trend of saving centimeters of fabric in the outfit is on the street and on the catwalks. To this, joins the claim in the fashion of underwear that ceases to be that, underwear, and happens to look like the first and last layer in clothing. Thus, if we add both factors, the result is minimal garments that sometimes take the next step and invite, directly, to leave home in panties as if such a thing.

We have seen ladies who have replaced shorts (sometimes tiny) with underpants (see Julia Fox, Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner) and we have also witnessed the fashion 'no pants', in which the skirt or trousers are dispensed with. But yesterday in Cannes, the model Irina Shayk stayed at the gates of nudity.

The look with which Irina Shayk walked yesterday belongs to the Gucci Fall 2023 collection and consists of a set of panties and bra, as a minimum bikini, in black, with metallic appliques that gave it sophistication. We must add, in all honesty, that the fabric pretends to be transparent, but it is not. This opacity hides a few but decisive centimeters of its anatomy.

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The model, who epató with this style, also wore a transparent black mesh dress, matching gloves above the elbow and stockings, also above the knee. The most striking, after of course the uncovering, was a necklace-choker of brilliant very king size, which made more contrast with the reduction of their garments. This essential accessory was coordinated with earrings and a ring.

The loose hair, the heels, the total black and the rouge of the lips, gave the model an ultra sexy look, although for many, going out on the street in this guise (as much as the Cannes Festival is the context) is to spend a little laps. It is also necessary to add that the band-aids of the panties made us suppose that they were not such but thong, but a back image of Irina denies it:

It is clear that the model, 37, is risking these days in Cannes, in which she is choosing garments that cover her body little. This is demonstrated by these two other looks, with which she went to the red carpet of the Festival and the Magnum party, also in the French city.

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