Shanghai, 5 May (ZXS) -- Zhang Wenhong's latest response: Does it matter if "Eryang" is it or not, and should the vaccine be vaccinated?

China News Agency reporter Zheng Yingying

Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, was interviewed by the media in Shanghai on the 18th to conduct scientific interpretation of the recent new crown epidemic prevention and control hotspots.

Does "Eryang" matter?

Recently, the "Eryang" population has increased, Zhang Wenhong said that this wave of "Eryang" (population) in most cases than the end of last year (of infected people) symptoms are milder, especially for people who have been infected, their fever duration is shorter, in principle, there is no need to cause too much worry.

He said that with the reduction of immunity and the mutation of the virus, there will be a "second wave" (infection), and even a "third wave" in the future, and the government, medical workers, and prevention and control departments have made corresponding reserves for this.

Zhang Wenhong said that the emergence of this wave, the overall volatility is low, the symptoms are mild, the medical resources are relatively effective, and the fatality rate will be very low, "Although we are still within a time node of the virus infection, there is a long tailing effect, but it (the new crown virus) should not have a huge impact on our overall economic life, and we should not take excessive epidemic prevention measures because of this." ”

Should the vaccine be given?

Many people are still positive after three shots of vaccine, do you want to continue to be vaccinated? Zhang Wenhong said that through the study of a large number of international scientific literature, it has been found that simple natural infection is far less than reinfection (acquired immunity) after three doses of vaccine.

He said that the mixed immunity obtained after three doses of the vaccine is highly antibiotic, and still has a certain effect on the new variant (new crown) virus that appears later.

Zhang Wenhong said that this is the case on a global scale (still positive after three shots of vaccine), "This is a feature of this virus, that is, we encountered a virus that spreads the fastest this time." ”

He explained that the new coronavirus (Omicron) is spreading faster than measles, which was the fastest spreading before, with 1 person (infected) spreading 18 people, and the new coronavirus spreading 20 to 22 people per person at the peak of the last wave of infections, which means that it is the fastest spread so far.

In addition, Zhang Wenhong pointed out that vaccinated and unvaccinated people have different proportions of severe disease when infected, so there is now some international consensus in this regard, that is: encourage vulnerable people to continue to vaccinate. (End)