Liuzhou, 5 May (ZXS) -- Zibo barbecue "asked" Liuzhou snail powder, China's Internet celebrity city explores the way of "ever-red"

Written by Lin Xin

"South Liuzhou, North Zibo." As China's two "net red" cities that are "out of the circle" this year, Liuzhou City in Guangxi and Zibo City in Shandong Province have recently "dreamed linkage" to find the way of "ever-red".

Late at night on May 5nd, tourists tasted food at Liuzhou City Fengqinggang Convenience Night Market. China News Agency issued by Wei Guozheng

"Internet celebrity" cities "go in both directions"

When everyone went to Zibo to "catch the roast", what attracted the mayor of Zibo City to Liuzhou was a bowl of snail powder.

According to Liuzhou Daily, on May 5, Zibo Mayor Zhao Qingwen led a delegation to Liuzhou to inspect the development of the snail powder industry.

Since the beginning of this year, Liuzhou has become popular because of a bowl of powder, attracting tourists to "check in". Behind this, thanks to Liuzhou's planning through industrial thinking, roadside snacks have become the top stream of "powder circles".

In 2014, the first bagged snail powder enterprise in Liuzhou was born, and the merchant developed a convenient circulation and fast food bagged snail powder, and then took the "Internet +" east wind and entered thousands of households.

Nowadays, snail powder is not only a characteristic industry that drives local economic development, but also a business card that attracts tourists to come to Liuzhou to "check in". In 2022, the sales revenue of the whole industry chain of Liuzhou snail powder will reach 600.71 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), a year-on-year increase of 19.8%, and exports will reach 8300 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61%.

Zhao Qingwen hopes to learn more good experience in the development of characteristic industries in Liuzhou and achieve more breakthroughs on the road of upgrading and transformation.

"We welcome Zibo BBQ to 'enter' Liuzhou, and please support Liuzhou snail powder to Zibo." Zhang Zhuang, mayor of Liuzhou City, said that Zibo and Liuzhou are both industrial cities, and hoped that the two sides would use barbecue and snail powder as the medium to achieve mutual promotion and frequent exchanges, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in an all-round way in terms of industrial integration, complementary advantages and urban environmental governance.

Industrial cities out of the circle "password" sincerity has become the main hit

Since the beginning of spring this year, topics such as "college students organize groups to eat barbecue in Zibo" have been hot on the Internet, and the continuous influx of tourists from all over China has made Zibo a "net red" city.

When snail powder and barbecue become the "traffic password" of industrial cities, sincerity is the "nirvana" to "capture" young people.

The Zibo government's "textbook" response speed and the tacit understanding of the city's people fighting for honor are the driving forces behind the city's high popularity.

Zibo took the popularity of barbecue as an opportunity to take advantage of the situation to promote the city in an all-round way. Local authorities acted quickly to make tourists who came to Zibo to eat barbecue "eat with confidence, have fun, and walk comfortably."

To this end, Zibo specially formulated a barbecue map, opened a barbecue high-speed rail train, and equipped public toilets with wet toilet paper, sanitary napkins, enteritis Ning and other "peace of mind baskets". On the eve of the May Day holiday, Zibo issued a notice requiring government units with opening conditions to open parking lots and toilets to the public free of charge.

At the same time, Liuzhou opened bus lines such as snail powder and late-night snack food, passing through various snail fan "net red shops" and major night markets. During the "May Day" holiday, Liuzhou set up nearly 200 "pet fan" volunteer service posts, increased the number of Liujiang water music fountain sessions, expanded luggage storage places, etc., to provide all-round services for tourists.

On April 4, Zibo, Shandong, people tasted Zibo barbecue in Muyang Village, an Internet celebrity barbecue shop. Photo by Zhong Xin

How do "Internet celebrity" cities become "evergreen"?

This time, the two sides discussed the development of Zibo barbecue and Liuzhou snail powder industry, and conducted in-depth exchanges on topics such as the development of characteristic industries, cultural and tourism integration, and urban management.

How "Internet celebrity" cities become "ever-red" is exactly the topic of common concern of China's "Internet celebrity" cities after they "go out of the circle".

Yao Hua, director of the Institute of Sociology of the Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences, said that in order to make "Internet celebrity" cities "ever-red" and "traffic" become "retention", it is necessary to continuously use online marketing to set urban issues and create a "soft environment" that continues to attract popularity, such as Zibo to let tourists feel intimate service and affordable prices. After attracting tourists through a bowl of powder, Liuzhou must also protect the rights and interests of consumers, and expand the reception and accommodation capacity, so that tourists can find more surprises after coming to Liuzhou.

Yao Hua believes that how to seize the opportunity of "Internet celebrity" cities, transform popularity into development power, cultivate local industries, and enhance high-quality economic development is the test faced by governments in various parts of China. (End)