Beijing, May 5 (Zhongxin Net) -- What kind of job is performance guidance? How does it work in the field? Is it true that the bridge presented by the comedy movie, "17° look at the sky, look ahead after three seconds, affectionate, tears..."

Associate Professor Li Yake, an acting teacher in the Department of Musical Theater of the Central Academy of Drama, has worked deeply with professional actors such as Wu Jing, Wu Junru, Shen Teng, star actors such as Peng Yuchang and Zhang Yixing, as well as amateurs in performance such as Lang Ping's daughter Bai Lang and volleyball champion Zhu Ting.

Guide, inspire, communicate

In 2018, Li Yaling first came into contact with this industry, and was invited to "escort" Wu Jing's literary drama in "The Wandering Earth".

He found that the bigger the café, the better the star actor is to deal with. Because the coffee position is high, it has a "broad vision", and is more courageous to face its own shortcomings and has the motivation to make up for it.

Although it is the first time to work together, Wu Jing respects his opinion, is willing to try more possibilities, and will pull Li Yake and the director to discuss together. "There was a scene at that time, it was Liu Peiqiang and the Russian cosmonaut Lao Ma to enter the general control room of the space station, and when the hatch was detonated, the two people did not know if they could come back alive, before this Liu Peiqiang had a line, the director and Jing Ge did not think too clearly at that time (what to say), that is, this sentence can not be said too pretentiously, but at the same time can represent the relationship between Liu Peiqiang and Lao Ma, so my advice to them at that time was that Liu Peiqiang told Lao Ma that we still have to take our children to Baikal to fish for salmon. This sentence, although it is an understatement, has a decisive determination. At the same time, it also reflects the character very much, Liu Peiqiang in "The Wandering Earth" is the heart to return to the earth and reunite with the child, and Lao Ma is Russian, and going to Lake Baikal is also related to him. This line was unanimously recognized by the director and Jing Ge. ”

In fact, the work done by the performance director is closely related to the screenwriter, director and actor, and it is necessary to help the actors to refine, help the director to preset, give them more possibilities, so that all creators can achieve the most perfect artistic presentation in this process. "A qualified acting director is a bridge between an actor and a director. The director is very busy on the set, and the performance director must transmit the director's creative intention to the actor through his own understanding, and if the actor has more ideas, he also needs to integrate the creative intentions of both parties in the same direction. ”

With this successful electrocution, there are also more performance directors who cooperate to find Li Yake. The movie "Mom's Wonder Boy" is based on the true story of Paralympic champion Su Huawei, Wu Junru is not only the producer of the film, but also plays Su's mother in it. In a later interview, Wu Junru recalled that the film asked Li Yaheng to come over to guide, "There are some skills that I have not understood for so many years. For example, crying, many actors can't cry. So many people at the scene watched, it was very uncomfortable to cry, and everyone was waiting for the end of work. He has the skill to teach us, which is to breathe, which I have never learned. It's not about how tragic things are, what dog dies, what family dies, but skillfully, to keep repeating a certain muscle. Is it a panacea? Not necessarily. There is also Mr. Li who said the prototype of the entire character, why you hold a pen, hold a phone, why you drink water, make up for the lack of script, and what the director did not say but you should know, this is another science. ”

Bai Lang, daughter of Li Yajie and Lang Ping Photo courtesy of interviewee

In the movie "Changsha Nightlife" that is being released, Li Yajie gave performance guidance for Zhang Yixing, Zhang Jingyi and others. As a special appearance, Zhang Yixing's scenes mainly focus on two talk shows, the first to reflect the feeling of embarrassing toes, and the second must be sincere and moving, Zhang Yixing performed two different states. Some netizens commented, "I didn't recognize Zhang Yixing at all, this style and performance are really surprising." Li Yake also praised Zhang Yixing's high degree of completion, but he admitted that it could be better, and he was also very optimistic about Zhang Yixing's future development as a film and television actor.

Li Yake said that for professional actors, performance guidance is more about helping actors sort out the three clues of language, psychology and action. "It's a process of mutual discussion and deepening, constantly guiding and provoking", "Performance is actually action. What should I do when I encounter external pressure? How to solve it? Often the average actor will play some emotions, anxious, painful, sad... And people who really know how to act will definitely not play these adjectives, but verbs. ”

As for the performance design that is accurate to the second in the comedy bridge, Li Yake said that it is not completely impossible, but this design must be carried out on the basis of understanding the characters, and it is impossible to design a set of actions, at most one or two finishing details are enough.

Amateurs may have no acting experience, but that doesn't mean they don't have life experience

Directing an amateur performance will definitely be more difficult to imagine than directing a professional actor. Li Yajie said no to this.

Based on his experience in the movie "Winning the Championship" directed by Chen Kexin, directing the performances of Bai Lang, Zhu Ting and even the new female volleyball girls later made Li Yake deeply realize that amateurs may not have acting experience, but it does not mean that they have no life experience.

The Bai Lang in his eyes is simple and pure, even if at the beginning he was not very optimistic about Bai Lang playing the young Lang Ping, but in the actual training, Li Yake saw that volleyball was the sea in Bai Lang's heart. "One training session I put a ball in front of her to get her. I was behind me, tied around her waist with a white towel, and pulled her so that she would not reach. It was an externalized resistance, and she could feel that the ball was her dream. She wanted to play professional volleyball and be a good athlete like her mom, but her mom told her you couldn't. So volleyball is a regret in her life. We fought for at least 5 minutes, and I said you can shout out and desperately go forward to grab it, and finally she actually caught it. After getting the ball, I huffed and asked her what she felt, and she didn't speak, just cried there. ”

When Li Yajie discovered the sea in Bai Lang's heart, the next thing was relatively simple, "I just need to help her clear the sand that covers the sea and let the sea be exposed." ”

In his opinion, this sea has Bai Lang, Zhu Ting, Director Lang, and these female volleyball girls. If "Winning the Championship" finds a professional actor to play Lang Ping in his youth, he must first learn volleyball, experience life, and give her half a year to a year at most, which is not enough. Although the women's volleyball players have not studied acting, they have been playing volleyball for more than ten years, that is, they are experiencing life. They have had successes and experienced many beatings, and these things have planted seeds in their hearts, and even turned into oceans.

Li Yake at the work site Photo courtesy of the interviewee

When non-professional actors appear in film and television, "crying scenes" can be described as the most difficult to perform. On the set, Li Yaling encountered Zhu Ting unable to cry. As a top player, Zhu Ting needs to hide her emotions on the court and cannot let her opponents gain insight into her psychological activities, which shows her strong restraint. But to recreate what really happened on the eve of the 2016 Chinese and Cuban women's volleyball war, Zhu Ting needed Zhu Ting to return to the state of mind where she cried, and it was not right to try it several times on the spot. In the end, Li Yajie pulled Zhu Ting aside, chatted with her, and then asked her, if there is no Director Lang, where is she now? What would she do now if it weren't for volleyball?

A few words of questioning suddenly made Zhu Ting open the floodgates of emotion, and cried on the spot to collapse. "Because Zhu Ting often says that Director Lang understands her, the two are the same mother and daughter, this is a lonely soul in the world meets another soul who understands her, and when she meets, there will naturally be catharsis, and it is this catharsis that causes her to cry."

Doing the performance direction for "Winning the Championship" gave Li Yake a great sense of accomplishment, "I became part of Lang Ping's coach with Bai Lang, and found myself in the role of young Lang Ping, and this integration was particularly perfect and comfortable. He said. (End)