The series "High desert" on Apple TV+ is about Peggy, who turns into a private investigator when her mother dies. Linus Fremin is impressed by Patricia Arquette's performance.

"Without her, this role wouldn't work. If you like the character, you'll like the show," he says.

"Wide-legged 80's entertainment"

In "A town called Malice" on Sky Max, a British family flees to Spain when their youngest son gets into trouble. The series is set in the 80s – an era Linus Fremin believes that many will appreciate dreaming back to.

"This is broad-legged 80s entertainment without a brain. It's lovely, funny and exaggerated.

The third series Fremin tips on is "Unprisoned" on Disney+, where a father gets out of prison and moves in with his adult daughter, played by Kerry Washington.

– A light-hearted series with unimagined depth, says Linus Fremin.