On Tuesday, liberals Johan Pehrson and Paulina Brandberg and children were guided around the Royal Dramatic Theatre by two drag queens.

At the end of the screening, a man who had signed up for the screening had set up a camera and wanted to question Lillan and Tjorven, says Dramaten's press officer Lena Törner.

"Towards the end he set up his camera and wanted to film and ask questions, then we stopped him, there were children there. You are not allowed to film children and you are not allowed to film when we do performances or screenings," she says.

"Thankfully, the children had left"

According to Lena Törner, the children had been taken out of the room when the man, who wanted to question why the Royal Dramatic Theatre had screenings with drag queens, started filming.

"It's never nice when someone sets up a camera and doesn't stop when you ask them to. It was quite uncomfortable, but he left late. Thankfully, the children had left. We will review security and how to handle it," she says.

When Dramaten announced that drag queens would hold guided tours, the national stage received criticism from the Sweden Democrats, which again brought to the fore the wording about "arm's length", from the culture, which is written into the Tidö agreement. This means that politicians should not control the content of tax-funded culture.

"Takes very seriously"

Minister for Gender Equality Paulina Brandberg does not want to answer questions about the incident but refers to a comment on Twitter.

"Hate and threats against LGBTQI people are a real social problem, which we are unfortunately reminded of all too often. As the minister responsible for LGBTQI issues, and a former prosecutor with experience of, among other things, hate crimes, I take this very seriously. It's not an option to let hate win," she wrote.

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