Xi'an, May 5 (Gao Cheng) "I launched the Love Meal to allow those who encounter difficulties to have a hot meal, so that they can receive kindness from others and help others in the future. Recently, Sun Jiangbo, the owner of Xi'an's "Xianglao Restaurant", said in an interview.

It is reported that the "Xianglao Restaurant" store has attracted much attention because of the heart-warming act of launching a free "No. 1 meal", which has attracted many netizens to praise it. Some netizens said that such a caring boss, the cooking must be delicious, and there is a chance to taste the boss's craft. Some netizens said that the layout of the owner of this store is very large, and the heart-warming story of "No. 1 Meal" makes people feel very warm, which is a very rare behavior.

"Considering the self-esteem of customers, I used 'meal one' as a code word." Sun Jiangbo said that after customers come in, as long as they say "No. 1 meal", they can take the dinner plate to choose the dishes they like to eat, meat and vegetarian can be unlimited, as long as they are not wasted.

The picture shows Sun Jiangbo operating the order on the computer. Photo by Gao Cheng

During the conversation, the reporter learned that when the owner Sun Jiangbo first came to Xi'an to look for a job, he encountered the dilemma of not eating for two whole days because he spent all his cash. Later, by chance, Sun Jiangbo saw that a restaurant posted a notice of free love meal, and felt very warm, so he thought that if he opened a restaurant one day, he would do the same, so that those who were hungry could have a hot meal.

"I think as long as everyone can give their love, our society will definitely become better." From being a part-time worker to opening my own shop now, I know that it is not easy to go outside, so I want to give some help to those who are in difficulty. Sun Jiangbo said.

Mr. Li, who eats in the restaurant, told reporters that he saw the story of this fake vegetable shop on the online platform, so he specially took a car to try the owner's craft. Ms. Zhang, who also eats in the store, said that Sun Jiangbo's loving behavior is very worthy of praise and promotion, and this time she brought her children to dine to let her see this caring uncle and hear his story.

Sun Jiangbo was very happy to hear what customers thought about "No. 1 Meal". He said that he hopes that more people will know about his restaurant and know about this "No. 1 meal" to help them. (End)