In the coming week, from May 15 to May 21, residents of Moscow and the Moscow region expect warm weather without precipitation. This was reported to RT by the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

According to him, on Monday the air will warm up to + 18 ... + 20 ° C, and on Tuesday - up to + 20 ... + 22 ° C.

"Starting on Wednesday, the temperature will also start to rise every day by about one to two degrees. As a result, by the end of the working week, the temperature in Moscow and the Moscow region will approach +25 ° C. Until Wednesday inclusive, the pressure will be increased. In the following days, it will be about or slightly above normal. But the most important thing is that from Wednesday there will be a pronounced advection of warm air masses from the south. And although cloudiness will increase in the second half of the week, no significant precipitation is predicted in either the first or second half of the week," Vilfand said.

He added that on Sunday, May 14, a cold front will pass through Moscow, but this will not be expressed in precipitation due to high pressure, but the wind direction will change from northwest to northeast. The air in the capital warms up to +17...+19 °C.

As stated on the website of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, the established weather in the Moscow region is quite consistent with the calendar.

"A slight cold snap will occur only on Sunday and Monday. But even then the thermometer readings will be close to normal. Next week will be warmer — both nights and days will be warmer," the report says.

Moscow maximum

On Saturday, May 13, in Moscow, the temperature reached its highest values since the beginning of 2023.

"As expected, in conditions of sunny and dry, anticyclonic weather, the air temperature in the capital reached its highest values since the beginning of the year. At 15 p.m., at the main weather station in Moscow, VDNKh, the air warmed up to +22.3 ° C, which is 0.2 ° C higher than that of the former leader, yesterday, "the Meteonovosti website reports.

At the same time, only last week in the capital for four days frosts were established. As reported by the leading employee of the weather center "Phobos" Mikhail Leus, this is the longest period of May frosts in Moscow in the XXI century.

As previously reported, this situation was "due to the invasion of very cold air masses from the polar regions moving along the eastern periphery of the anticyclone."

The coming summer

This week, publications appeared that the summer of 2023 in Central Russia could be the hottest in the last 150 years.

However, forecasters do not expect strong deviations from the weather norm.

With a probability of about 65-70%, the summer temperature will be near or above normal, the usual values are also possible in terms of precipitation, said Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

"The fact that a lot of snow fell in Russia and Belarus in winter suggests that drought is still not very likely. And the first decade of May was cold and rainy. Here, by the way, the folk wisdom "May is cold - a year of bread" matters. Over the summer, we calculated all the options, "he said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Meteorologist Yevgeny Tishkovets, in turn, also indicated that he expects the summer to be moderate in its temperature values.

"I don't see a single region of our country where there would be red or burgundy bright spots that would indicate extreme temperatures," he said in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel.

The Phobos center called disinformation reports that hot weather in the capital will persist for all three summer months, and the air temperature will rise to +40 ° C.

"In Central Russia, according to preliminary long-term forecasts, the summer season will average only 1.5-2 ° C above the climatic norm, and the precipitation deficit for three months will be no more than 10% (the main shortage of rain will occur at the beginning and end of summer)," the report said.