For the night owl, it will be a busy schedule all night long with birdsong. We have the favorite in replay, Osaby in Småland, accompanied by a secret location and four new unexplored locations: Krankesjön in Skåne, Tunaberg in Sörmland, Kallerö in northern Roslagen and Brånsjön in Västerbotten. For the greedy who only wants the goodies, the host reveals when it's best to listen.

"If you only want to listen for an hour, then the hour between 04 a.m. and 05 a.m. is the one that we know from experience is very cool, and then we also keep quiet. Then we only listen to birds, says Jenny Berntson Djurvall, host of Fågelsångsnatten.

"Hope for summer gilt"

It is not possible to predict which birds you will hear, but there is a songbird that Jenny Berntson Djurvall hopes to hear who has never been a guest on the program so far.

– We hope for summer gilt, which is quite unusual and only exists in a few places but which sings quite festively, a little whistling, lovely. It is a yellow bird that looks a bit exotic and has never been featured in the Birdsong Night.

The Birdsong Night is broadcast live after Ekonyheterna at midnight on the night between Friday and Saturday.