Beijing, May 5 (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) Less than one month before the 11 college entrance examination, the college entrance examination work is on the agenda.

On May 5, the Ministry of Education, together with relevant departments, held a video conference on the security of the 9 national general college entrance examination, and the Minister of Education made arrangements for the 2023 college entrance examination, emphasizing that preventing mobile phone cheating is the top priority of this year's college entrance examination security.

Infographic: Candidates wait to enter the examination room at Shanghai No. 3 Girls' Middle School. Photo by Yin Liqin

Minister of Education: Let mobile phones "not be carried", "cannot be used", "cannot be transmitted"

According to the Ministry of Education, Huai Jinpeng, secretary of the leading party group and minister of the Ministry of Education, and Tian Yulong, member of the leading party group and chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended and spoke at the meeting on the same day. The responsible persons of the State Administration of State Secrets, the National Disease Control and Prevention Administration, and the responsible persons of the Cyberspace Administration of the Central Committee and the Ministry of Public Security made arrangements for relevant work.

Huai Jinpeng stressed that this year's college entrance examination is the first college entrance examination held after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it is the first college entrance examination under the new situation of the new crown virus infection epidemic "Class B and B management", and it is of great significance to do a good job in this year's college entrance examination. It is necessary to shoulder political responsibility and go all out to achieve the goal and task of the "safe college entrance examination".

Huai Jinpeng, secretary of the leading party group and minister of the Ministry of Education, attended the meeting. Image source: Weiyan Education

First, it is necessary to strengthen bottom-line thinking, make every effort to ensure the safety of test papers, strictly standardize the operation of examination affairs, coordinate and do a good job in examination epidemic prevention, and further weave the "protective network" of examination organizations.

Second, we must strengthen comprehensive management, take the prevention of mobile phone cheating as the top priority of this year's college entrance examination security, so that mobile phones "cannot be brought in", "used", and "passed out", and further guard the "main position" of examination room security.

Third, we should strengthen overall coordination, deepen the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, deepen the reform of the examination content, coordinate and promote relevant special reforms, and further fight the "tough battle" of the college entrance examination reform.

Fourth, we must strengthen emergency response, dare to take responsibility, improve emergency plans, strengthen digital command, and further build a "firewall" to resist risks.

Fifth, we should strengthen publicity services, continue to carry out the "college entrance examination escort action", solve the "urgent, difficult and anxious expectations" of candidates, do a good job in information release and policy interpretation, increase the governance of all kinds of training institutions involved in examinations and recruitment, and transmit life-oriented "positive energy".

Data map: The 2022 national college entrance examination officially kicked off. The picture shows the examination center of Nanjing Tian Jiaping Senior High School, and candidates are waiting to enter. Image source: Visual China

The number of applicants in many places is increasing, and the epidemic prevention and control policies are adjusted

The 2023 college entrance examination will be held on June 6, and the specific subject examination schedule is: 7:6 to 7:9 on June 00; 11:30 to 15:00 Math. June 17, 00:6 8:9 Liberal Arts Comprehensive/Science Integrated; 00:11 to 30:15 Foreign language, foreign language listening test content should be arranged before the start of the foreign language written test.

The names of the examination subjects in each province (autonomous region or municipality) are the same as the names of the subjects of the national unified examination, and must be consistent with the schedule of the national unified examination. The time of the provincial unified examination and the admission examination of colleges and universities shall be determined and released by the provincial recruitment committee and colleges and universities respectively in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education.

Previously, the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Enrollment of Ordinary Colleges and Universities in 2023, requiring continuous promotion of fair opportunities for college admissions. The notice also calls for strict investigation of violations such as empty student status, separation of nationality, and false student status, and severely cracking down on "college entrance examination immigrants".

Recently, many places have successively announced the application for this year's college entrance examination, and the number of applicants in many places has increased, and some places have even hit record highs. For example, the number of applicants for the college entrance examination in Hunan this year was 68,2, an increase of 5,54 over last year, and the number of applicants reached a record high. Nearly 6,<> candidates in Jiangxi took the general college entrance examination in June this year, and the number of applicants continued to rise.

In addition, a total of 58238,6 people in Guangzhou registered for the June cultural course examination of the general college entrance examination, an increase of 2022,1355 people over 20058. There were a total of 2022,2533 candidates in Haikou, an increase of 2,<> over <>, exceeding <>,<> candidates for the first time, a record high.

Data map: Beijing Experimental School (Haidian) test center, candidates "brush their faces" to verify information. Photo by Sheng Jiapeng, reporter of China News Agency

Many places have also deployed the admission work of the college entrance examination in 2023, such as Sichuan's seven new rules for admission to the 2023 general college examination, which mentioned that the admission roster will be electronic in 2023, and the paper roster will no longer be printed and sent.

Epidemic prevention and control policies have also been adjusted. The new regulations mention that in accordance with the requirements of national and local measures to optimize epidemic prevention and control, timely improve the group examination of epidemic prevention plans. At the same time, all localities are required to set up alternate examination rooms and allocate spare staff to deal with emergencies and ensure that "the examination should be exhausted".

The Notice of the Henan Provincial Department of Education on Doing a Good Job in the Enrollment of Ordinary Colleges and Universities in 2023 also mentioned that in response to the epidemic spread that may occur in some areas during the college entrance examination and natural disasters such as high temperature, lightning, and flooding, emergency drills will be organized and carried out, and emergencies will be handled in a timely and proper manner in accordance with laws and regulations. (End)