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Merce, the contestant who knows the most about MasterChef, ended up swallowed up by the program of her dreams. He could not with the unknown, with the coexistence, with the inquisitiveness, with the bad vibes, with the bad drool. He knew more about culinary talent than anyone, but he knew what we all see. The other party, the one not seen on the small screen swallowed her.

The division that exists in MasterChef 11 between the aspirants, especially in coexistence, with two well-differentiated groups, those who are with Luca and those who are not, took Merce ahead. A joke in bad taste to Merce from the hand of Camino, pulled by Luca, who was well of his partner, and the pressure of not seeing his family could with Merce who was carried away by what was happening on the other side rather than by fulfilling his dream of being in his contest.

The judges had warned her several times, that she was not one hundred percent, that she was not the Merce of the previous programs, that she had her head in something else, in Luca, in her pitorreos, in her inquisitiveness, in Luca's side pointing her out, that Luca's side marginalized her, it was too much for Merce. And, of course, despite Luca's ignorance as to the techniques to be used in the elimination test, the tiktoker went for it. He wanted to carry it and he succeeded.

It all started in the first program this week. After Merce took Luca into her arms, something had broken between them. The aspirant revealed that Camino and Luca played a joke on her at home by serving her a spicy soup. A Merce more than the joke itself, which are things of small kids, was the subsequent pitorreo and of Luca in the following days. Merce's mood on MasterChef 11 was already touched. The separation from her family began to weigh a lot, but Merce was enduring thanks to the affection of her companions. However, the total break with Luca and the bad atmosphere established in the house, made her the discordant element to beat by the little team mounted by Luca -Camino, Marta, Ana and Luca-.

If it was already touched, the punchline came when before starting the outdoor test the judges urged the MasterChef aspirants to choose the most noble and loyal partner. Eneko won. On the other hand, they also had to choose the least noble and loyal of the house. Technical tie between Merce and Luca. It was Eneko who balanced the balance by opting for Luca, but the damage to Merce was already done.

No viewer can imagine what happens between the four walls in which the MasterChef aspirants live, but if it was already difficult to coexist when they were half of the contestants, you do not need to break your head much to know that being double, things can not get better. In fact, if something is characterizing this edition of MasterChef are the problems of coexistence. There have always been, in the first editions they were less visible, but in recent years coexistence is part of MasterChef. However, in Masterchef 11 those problems are more present than ever and from the beginning. And they all have one element in common: Luca.

Merce couldn't take it anymore on MasterChef 11

The first to complain and make visible that bad vibes was Jotha. With whom? With Luca. Others have followed and, except for Jotha, all those who have had a bad relationship or friction with the tiktoker have been falling. So Merce had it very difficult and, besides, Merce was a very weak link, very easy to break. And Luca and his colleagues went for it.

We do not know how Merce was behaving in the house after the joke in question and the subsequent pitorreo, but what there is no doubt is that at the moment Merce broke bread with Luca, half of the house saw her as an enemy and until they finished with her they did not stop.

How is it possible that a week ago Merce was a sweetheart, wholehearted, everyone's mom and suddenly she's the Eastern witch from The Wizard of Oz? Because Luca placed it in his target. Merce was alone, except for the support of the other group, that of Álex, Eneko and Lluís. In fact, last night when Eneko wanted to throw a cape seeing her sunk in the depths of the well, took away the sanbenito of the least loyal, tried to encourage her and chose her before finishing the selection of the teams so that she did not feel displaced, Merce was already aware that she was fighting against a dragon difficult to defeat. "All I want is to be left alone," he told the camera before starting cooking.

If in the recordings you could see this bad atmosphere, that anger, that desire to sink it, I do not want to imagine what it must be like in the house. That maybe Merce took too seriously the joke of a couple of little boys, well, probably, but turning what until then was the heart and love of the house into the monster of MasterChef 11, does not fit. It only fits if you think that whoever jokes to Luca is playing. Merce gambled.

She ended up in the red team, in Eneko's, happy, but sunk, while Luca formed the team to suit her, her colleagues, her friends, those who dance the water without rhyme or reason, those who wrap her up, support her and let themselves be carried away by the tiktoker. Perfect captaincy. Of course! It is also true that it was Luca's third captaincy and that he does not have a hair as a fool. He learns from his mistakes and knows how to correct them and corrects them without measuring if the one he is correcting is a friend of soul, because I smell that for Luca friends of soul in MasterChef 11 there are few. There are acolytes, but at the moment of truth if Luca has to sell to someone, he will sell it, let them tell Marta.

She, absolute protagonist of each and every one of the outdoor tests that have been in Masterchef 11, last night saw her wings cut off by the hand of her protégé. As soon as Luca saw that Marta was acquiring the prominence and leadership skills she acquires in each outdoor event, Luca put her in her place. That is, the role of the little one of the group, of the one who has the most to learn, of the poor thing, and a milk!

He organized them, stopped them, placed them, sent them, shouted at them and it was perfectly clear that letting himself be protected is another strategy because Luca does not need anyone to protect him. In the red team, Eneko was also a great captain, but a small mistake during one of the elaborations truncated everything. Actually, the mistake came from the hand of Merce and the onion soup that Eneko ordered. Why? Because how would you be if you have gone from being one of the most loved by your peers to being one of the most hated. You'd be a hunchback of noses. And so was Merce. Completely out of MasterChef 11, more aware of what happened behind the cameras than what happened in front of them.

The truncated dream of MasterChef 11

The first course of the blue team, squid noodles with onion soup was such a disaster that the diners could not even finish it. The dessert was not bad, but compared with the success of the two dishes of the blue team, there was nothing to do. Although Lluís wanted a quiet birthday, without black aprons, it could not be avoided: the red team to the elimination test. But first you had to make more wood from the fallen tree. What MasterChef likes is a salseo. Luca's team won, he won, in addition, taking the congratulations of Jordi Cruz who applauded Luca's work too much, but it was not enough. You had to put your finger in the sore. What face did the judges want the red team to have if it was more than sung that they were going to go to the elimination test? For it had to mean that Merce the victory and the praise to Luca did not give him an ounce of grace. More wood!

How was Merce going to get to the elimination test? Well, touched and sunk. How was Luca going to get to the elimination test? Wanting to make blood. And he did. We must be thankful that Luca of kitchen knows just and necessary. The reasons that keep the tiktoker on MasterChef 11 are becoming more visible. So when it was his turn to distribute the "ancestral techniques" that they had to use in the elimination test, he wanted to go for Merce and for those who cannot stand, but it backfired.

It's unbelievable that a MasterChef aspirant doesn't know what it's like to smoke, marinate, pickle or pickle. Well, Luca doesn't know. So he distributed believing that he would make blood, but he did not do it, although Merce's moral burden, provoked by himself, did get what he sought.

Merce was pickled and, although Merce knew how to do it because she had done it many times at home, Merce did not have her head anymore in MasterChef 11. Merce wanted to leave because it must not be easy to endure an impossible coexistence and more having the character of Merce. She did a bad pickle, she did a bad cooking and I think when the judges told her she was expelled, Merce breathed. But he still had to endure the malevolent laughter of Luca and his colleagues. You have to have a lot of bad slime to see a colleague about to burn herself with the oil and get out of laughter, because Luca and Camino laughed. You have to have a lot of bad milk to see a morally sunken person like Merce was and keep asking for her to be expelled, because she did.

No, Merce did not make a good elimination test and yes, Merce deserved to be expelled, but what truncated Merce's dream was not her lack of talent or, at least, it was not a lack of talent greater than that of others. What truncated Merce's dream was the inquisitiveness present in MasterChef 11.

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